My Photography - Bees in flowerss (Original)

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Hi, steemit's friend! Today I share Bees in flowers photo.Every photo taken with phone camera, iphone6 16x lensbong, I picked some my favorite photos,Together to enjoy!

The Source files, It is iphone6 sizes, Source files including GPS location information
Hope you like, Happy a day!
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Thank you!


@birds90 hello sir i too have a passion for photography and i do post i think good photographs but most of my work goes unnoticed here on steemit and now i am posting a link of one of my posts hope you will like it :

Maybe it depends. Some people will like the sunset and some will don't. We just have to be patient and passionate enough to pursue our passion in photography even only few notices our talent. ^^

All I can say is WOW! Amazing photography skills you got there @birds90. You took it like a pro! I hope I have skills like that. Teach me master!

Well zoomed !!! Awsome !!! And 1st picture is just a fantastic its atracting mi to open this post.

these flowers put a smile on my face THANKS DEAR..

too natural, the bees live just for 3 months (90 days) only but they produce the best byproducts ever.

so beautiful photo!!!! I love beautiful photos too! I take a lot of photos myself ! :D
Upvoted and followed you for sure!!! ^_^

you can check my blog for motivational, inspirational, and advices for Life and Business!!! You can also follow me! :D

Nice photo. Upvote and follow from @anka

nice photographs mate

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Beautiful! That bee has big eyes! :))

WOW! Amazing photographs you have taken @birds90. Your photographs like a pro images! !

Nice shots.

Nice shots!

very nice picture

Hello @ birds90, beautiful photos. I love how you show the great things. Greetings. :)

Yeah..sure do like it. Nature is beautiful.

Beautiful Capture, impressive! really appreciation on your beautiful work. Following, vote & resteem your post @birds90

and we have meat bees in Lithuania :)

UPVOTE & FOLLOW from GoldenEye

beautiful shoots

Wow, these are very aesthetically pleasing.

Cool! Check out my profile and my photos too! Regards :)

I love it
Good work

nice shots..
all the best ^_^

Beautiful photo of a honey bee, @birds90 :)
Thanks for sharing a moment in time with nature.

Whoa, nice shot. Wonder how close you are to the bee?

Really i like that picha i have an option to but i but it in 10000

these are nice...but if u had gotten a shot where the bee is just hovering over the a humming'd look awesome...i had that once but the drive crashed and all the pics and videos got deleted..!!..try it once..!!

It's a nice flower specially with the bee on top of it. Perfect for background or wallpapers. I hope you can visit mine too

thx for sharing

beautiful photos

nature in its greatest splendor! thanks for sharing!

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