My Daughter's Clay works 女儿的粘土作品

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My daughter loved clay at a very early age, and now she's seven years old, and her clay works are more and more,I feel her works are very cute, very artistic sense.If she grew up still interested in clay, she will go to Jingdezhen professional learning this knowledge, I think this is a good choice! I took some pictures, keep the upload here, she grew up to see, it should be very interesting!

Hope you like!



Great blog. You have a good girl.

This is so cute. Your daughter is very gifted.

She's a kind of little genius... She would maybe do an amazing art cooker, because I wanted to eat everything she made. :D

Thank you!

Nice works :) shes cute too

Wow, she's very talented! She should definitely stick with it if that's what she likes to do!

Thank you!


This is sooooooo pretty. Missed my younger sister who used to play with clay. Now she lives in hostel in diff city. :'(

Thank you !

Oh my word, she a beautiful blessing and she found herself in the right house. I love how you are supporting her talent unlike other parents who will impose dreams on their kids. The world needs your kind of parenting, my regards to the little lady with artistic palms

Thank you!

Always a pleasure, please keep her well for the world. It needs her testimony


What an amazing little girl you have - she is obviously very passionate about her creations.
I love her attention to detail - keep encouraging her as you never know where it will lead to in her future.



amazing !!!!

They are amazing! Your daughter has a gift and you are doing great by nurturing it. loock nice
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You have a cute talented daughter!

That is one talented daughter you have. Delightful creations from a beautiful little girl. Great idea to show her when she grows older, and we all know she has a wonderful future ahead of her.

is incredible the gift you have, you should concentrate on learning art from a very young age because she can become a magnificent artist, congratulations to both and thanks for sharing!

amazing clay art ! your daughter is very talented

wow you should be proud :)

Wow! She is very talented and gifted. Very creative and nice clay work done by your daughter. Thumps up!

WOW! ;o I mean I couldn't do that and I'm 22.

Your daughter is only 7 years old and she is already very talented. I am 18 years old and can not do what she does.

You have a future sculpture artist on your hands there. Very nice work and your daughter is beautiful! Treasure her! Love the pictures. Thank you for sharing!

That is soo cute.

A very creative child. I hope you continue to give her encouragement. : )

Have a great day!

She's so cute and very talented girl! Beautiful artwork!

it's so cute.. :)

She is talented and have a gift here. Buy her more clay, @birds90
Thanks for sharing young sculptor in the making. :)

She is an Artist!!! 👨🏽‍🎤 Please make sure she keeps on doing it!!! god bless your Kid !!

She's a very talented artist at such a young age. The detail in some of those models is incredible!


shch a great

好精巧。。要不说是粘土 ,我还以为是蛋糕

Nice mini work. My daughter also makes mini-awesome stuff like this too.




hanks for sharing.
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if possible please check my post thanks :)

These are very nice, she has a very special talent embrace this, kids are amazing and creative. My 6 year old son said he likes them and wanted to eat the icecream lol,

Oh my goodness these are so cute! My favorites are all the critters. Thank you for sharing!

that's awesome. You should teach hear how you do that with chocolate and marzipan and then send her to a Swiss confectioner school. She's gonna be a star!

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