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People in the city have too much pressure on their work and life, Sometimes they are out of breath. How can they release the pressure? Some people say that outdoor sports is the best way to release the pressure, I am in favor of this argument.I have such a group of friends around here, they are mountain climbers, and they are climbing outdoors in their spare time.They are physically strong, cheerful, and easy to please others. I think it's related to their regular outdoor activities! I like this way of life very much and I hope will soon become one of them!

Hope you like!


Very nice post love it

Thank you!

a very good post. thank you for sharing the story, success is always my friend! I want to like you post. But not yet. Guide this friend!

I sure love travelling; going to new places to ease the stress but climbing is one I don't dare because of my phobia for height,but then let those that love it do it, even though I'm a little bit jealous. Enjoy yourself.

Love sports is good.

This is a wonderful post! The photos are stunning and so relaxing! Thank you for sharing your trip with us. It inspires me to ditch Netflix this weekend and spend some time with nature :)

Thank you!

I also want a group of friends like them !

Living in a city its so important to go and experience the natural beauty of the land you live on.

Climbing is able to release tired from the crowd and busy routine in the city. thank has shared this beautiful place. this post a little help the freshness of my eyes.😃

what a view i really like it

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thats nice one there very beautiful nature tho

great place to visit


@birds90 Intriguing put up - many thanks . Have to be terrifying to own this issue..

I love to hike..
Hiking is one of my favorite hobby.. it helps us to relax our mind from a stressful life.
Lovely photos..


Real adventure....
I like your post
I have to resteem.

Nice views!

@birds90 I've recognized that when it appears to be like terrible, just stepping absent for your moment would make all the primary difference on the earth.

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