China Teacher's Day 中国的教师节

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September 10 is the China Teacher's Day, the day of the year, the students will give their own teachers to send the blessing of the festival.As this year's Teacher's Day is Sunday, so the children on Friday to the teacher in advance to send a holiday gift.Gifts can be flowers, greeting cards, or a box of chocolates, etc.,The gift is not its price,Only to express your respect and gratitude to the teacher!I wish all the teachers a happy holiday, work smoothly!

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I like this post by giving the teacher a good position and respect too, by giving her a gift to express their feelings towards their teachers, because this job very hard and not easy, even what they will give her,am talking because i was a teacher and i know the difficulties of this job, what we want from our students just to work hard to see the fruit of this job to succeed and grow up their thinking and qualifications.

Wish you have nice day!

All the love to all the Teachers in the world. God Bless them all.

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Thank you.

Gifts are really cute and sweet..... In India The Teacher's Day is celebrated on 5th of September..... LOTS OF LOVE TO ALL THE TEACHERS OF THE WORLD

Nice photography
Thanks for share

Thank you!


We celebrate teacher day on 5 September as birth date of the second President of India, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan bt way celebration is almost same



What a cute idea. Teachers day. Never heard something before.
Here in Europe, ​we don't​ have that.

But it's​ kind gesture for the work of the teachers.

I'm teaching in China right now and I appreciate the respect that students and society in general show to teachers. It's good that there is a day for the students to give back!

In general, the Chinese culture are very respect teacher as well. We have some saying 一日为师,终生为父。and 天地君亲师。I know you would understand, lol.


Wish you have a nice day!

Oh.. I love this day...although in our country the date is different...Being a teacher myself I love to spend time with the children ...happy teachers day to all the teachers there..

Thank you!

Thanks for sharing... Love it.

Wow! Need that in America. Teachers shape youth lives. :
Thanks for sharing, @ birds90

This is a very beautiful and kind holiday! We will celebrate this holiday in Russia too. Only in Russia this holiday is October 5. World Teachers' Day is included in the UN system of world and international days. This holiday is celebrated in many countries.

so interesting and so different than here in europe



wow it's a wonderful tradition..
Teachers are the once create our future and we should learn to respect and reward them from our younger age it self.
Great post my friend ..
I am sure there is such events in other countries too.. but if not we should encourage them too.. your post will help the cause..

Thank you!

We celebrate that day on september 22nd . Children give different presents to their teachers Too. Also they celebrate with a party with Music and food in every school.Regards from Uruguay

owww best photografy

happy tearchers day
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Teacher first, that is why China and Japan progress

Wow that's lovely..

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happy teacher day :) don't asshole

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