China's Halloween 中国的鬼节

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Today is the Chinese lunar calendar July 15, is one of the traditional Chinese sacrifice festivals,That is, China's Halloween, in this day there are put river lights, burning paper ingot custom.
Every year this day I will prepare some of the sacrificial items,And then in accordance with the traditional method of burning sacrificial objects, in order to Miss the dead relatives !
Take a look at some of the pictures I took.

Hope you like!


The most memorable halloween of all time especially to those who hold NEO and China's ICO.

I'm going to say, No, it is not real money, it is an item to be burned just the same way people drop a coin in a water fountain and then they make a wish and hope it comes true. Looks to me like the same thing, you collect the sacrifice ( fake money & maybe other items ) and burn it in an effort to change your energy from one of Needing money to one of being so blessed they could burn money. It's a whole different energy and has to do with the law of attraction, by changing your own energy, from needing money, Universe may just channel more money into your life.

How did I do, did I win a pile of Money that I can burn ?

For the record, I am from Texas, so if I'm right it's not because it's our tradition.

Yes,you are right, it is not real money, burning sacrificial objects is our tradition.

Is that real money. Are they going to burn it?

it is not real money,burning sacrificial objects is our tradition.

Dear Friends.

Halloween entered China mainly through two influences: foreign teachers and Western expats.

Foreign teachers in China might have a Halloween party for their students and a lesson about Halloween in their country. So some Chinese children hear about Halloween and might make decorations and get Halloween candy. In general though, few Chinese do much about Halloween unless they have foreign friends.

Halloween in China is a party day in expat-oriented bars and restaurants where a lot of expats live such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. The bars and restaurants frequented by foreigners will often decorate for the occasion with pictures of black cats, ghosts, and monsters, and Halloween lanterns, and there might be masquerade parties.

In Hong Kong the two big theme parks, Ocean Park and Disneyland, have activities themed with Halloween. Masquerades, haunted houses, movies, and costumed people could give you a fright.

In Shanghai there is an old building built in 1933 by the British called 1933 Shanghai that was a former slaughterhouse, and is now an chic office building, that holds a Halloween event every year with adult-rated masquerade parties.

Yay - this is an amazing post. the love of money is the root of all evil :P
nice one @birds90

I really like this tradition in China

is that real money?... OMG
interesting festival
nice photos my friend

it is not real money,thank you!

Its usually an important event for those who trade in the market. They believe if the hungry ghost are being fed well and taken care off during this period then they will not make life difficult for them in business. Chinese people take this festival very seriously. They often stay at home and do not go out for fear of stumbling into a wandering soul.

Not real money I hope 😀

Those are what they call hell notes. Its legal tender in hell and usable once burned.

it is not real money,thank you!

去年有人问 why you burn money? 几年也是有这疑问:-)




I actually find this day to be scary and fearful unlike the halloween.

I really like 👌👌👌👌👌👌

Send me some cash! :))

very informative post

I Upvote You Please Upove Me

looks like you are having fun there :D

I live in Taiwan and right now we have ghost month.


Here in Vietnam, many of the locals burn fake money for the same purpose. However, they do it all throughout the year. In China, is it customary to only burn the fake money during the Halloween holiday and not all year round? Great post. Upvoted and followed.

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