the last emperor Puyi尘封的老照片,带你走进不一样的末代皇帝溥仪

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 PU YI Pu Yi (1906-1967), Aisin Gioro clan, last emperor of the Qing Dyansty, great grand son of the Emperor Daoguang, grand son of Prince Chun Xia (Yi Huan), Son of Prince Chun(Zai Feng), and nephew of the Emperor Guangxu In October, 1908(34th year of Guangxu's reign), Zai Tian died of illness. Pu Yi was adopted the heir-emperor inhering Emperor Tongzhi and becoming heir to his uncle Zai Tian( who had no son )under the year-title Xuantong. His father Zai Feng(Prince Chun) held the Regent of Supervising the State volution of 1911 broke out on October 10. Pu Yi abdicated on February 12, the next year. A Treatment for the Members of the Qing Court"deliberated by the provisional Republic government, the abdicated Pu Yi lived temporarily in the rear quarter of the Imperial Palace, continued remaining the title of "the Emperor of the Great Qing"and using eunuchs and ladies-in-waiting, and enjoyed such a treatment as that the Republic of China gave to foreign monarchs On July 1, 1917, the Northern Warlord Zhang Xun commanded troops entering Beijing city and supported the abdicated emperor Pu Yi only twelve years old to restore the dethroned monarch. But, only twelve days later, Zhang Xun's troops retreated in defeat and he himself was in hiding Pu Yi still resided in the Imperial Palace On December 1, 1922 the seventeen-year-old Pu Yi got married. His wife was Wan Rong( Guobole clan), the empress in name; Wen Xiu(Erdete clan) was his concubine Shu in name. During this period, there were still three widows of the Qing emperors in the Imperial Palace, they are: Empero Tongzhis imperial honourable concubine Yu, who was promoted to the imperial dowager concubine Jing Yi in Xuantong period; Emperor Tongzhi imperial honourable concubine Jin, who was promoted to the imperial dowager concubine Rong Hui in Xuantong period; Emperor Guangxu's imperial honourable concubine Jin, who was promoted to the imperial dowager concubine Duan Kang during the restoration of Pu yi u Yi with his wife and concubine didn't leave the Imperial Palace until November 5, 1924. They had many pictures taken in the palace. Here the pictures you see were selected from those in existence








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