Yoga, Homesteading, and Travel - Day 6 // 瑜伽,有机耕作和旅游 - 第六天

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Here are some snapshots of my life in travel, sustainable living, and yoga. Have a great day!

Taken in the Atacama Desert, Chile

“This world is your body. This world is a great school, This world is your silent teacher.” - Swami Sivananda
This quote is very meaningful for me. Two of my greatest loves in life are traveling and yoga, and this quote offers a union of both. My yoga practice and my travel practice have many parallels. Both are driven by my desire to connect with the world and by my desire to experience the many expressions of life. My inward and outward journies are journies of great learning from my silent teacher.
这个世界就是你的身体。这个世界是一个伟大的学校。这个世界是你沉默的老师。”— Swami Sivananda

Taken in the Bay Area

This was taken at a “Permaculture Action Day” at “City of Dreams” in San Francisco. “City of Dreams” has a youth-led garden program and is committed to supporting youth living in San Francisco low-income public housing. During the action day, hundreds of people came out, including band members of “Rising Appalachia”, to work in the community garden. We painted murals, planted fruit trees, built an outdoor kitchen, weeded, sang songs, shared food, and so much more.
这是在旧金山的“梦想之城”举办的“永久文化活动日”。“梦想之城”是由一个年轻人主导的花园项目,致力于支持居住在旧金山低收入公共住房的年轻人。在活动日当天会有数百人出来,包括乐队成员“Rising Appalachia”,在社区花园工作。我们画壁画,种植果树,建了一个户外厨房,除草,唱歌,分享食物,等等。

Taken in Kochi, India

This was in Fort Kochi near the famous Chinese fishing nets. I was walking along the waterfront and found the fishmongers who were selling the daily catch. I watched some people buy a fresh fish and then I chose some large prawns. I took my prawns to a waterfront "restaurant" (it was more like a small outdoor shack with a grill and a couple of outdoor tables) and had them grilled up with a chili lemon paste :-)

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Yoga is very good health especially for young mother and this pregnant mother must be spread in very good information

first photo: beautiful scenery.

The second photo: I've done it since I was a kid until now, because I'm a farmer.

Third picture: animals with high cholesterol.

Love travel...trying yoga ;)
The prawns with chilli and lemon sound great!

So.. you were in the Atacama in Chile and then you were standing there with the camera in your hands and then you thought "hey, how about I take a pic of me making a bridge here in this oasis in the middle of nowhere.." Wonderful:-)

I would love to practice yoga. Also, I liked the quote from the beginning. ;)

Cheers Anwen :)

Great pictures, I like your blog and posts and will follow you😀👍🏻