Yoga, Homesteading, and Travel - Day 10 // 瑜伽,有机耕作和旅游 - 第十天

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Here are some snapshots of my life in travel, sustainable living, and yoga. Have a great day!

Taken in New Zealand

This was taken at Cape Reinga, New Zealand's most northern tip. The indigenous people of New Zealand, the Maori people, believe that this is where the spirits of the dead depart to return to their ancestral land of Hawakiki.
这是在新西兰最北端的雷因格海角(Cape Reinga)拍摄的。新西兰的土著居民毛利人相信,这是亡灵返回Hawakiki,他们祖先的土地。

Taken in the Bay Area

This kale is so good! I love to chop up the kale, massage it with olive oil, pop it in the oven at 375 degrees until slightly crispy, sprinkle on nutritional yeast and tamari for the last few minutes, and munch :-)
这羽衣甘蓝真好吃!我喜欢把羽衣甘蓝切成小块,用橄榄油按摩,把它放在烤箱375度烤,直到稍微一点脆,在最后的几分钟撒上营养的酵母和日本酱油,然后大口吃下去 :-)

Taken in Kerala, India

I spent at night at Ama's ashram, Amritapuri Ashram. Ama is known as the hugging saint and will hold sittings that last throughout the night where she gives everyone a hug. Ama was traveling when I arrived, but I got to take part in the daily lives of the ashram residents. I woke up early for sunrise meditation, went to the puja ceremony, had breakfast, did karma yoga, had lunch, rested, went to sunset meditation on the beach, went to bhajan (singing/chanting), had dinner, and went to sleep. It was super interesting to see the lives of her followers and get to try out their routine for a couple of days.
我在Ama的道场,Amritapuri道场里度过一晚。Ama被称为“拥抱圣人”,她将在整个晚上举行静坐,并在那里给每个人一个拥抱。我一大早就起床去做日出冥想,去参加普嘉仪式,吃早餐,做噶玛瑜伽,吃午饭,休息,去海滩上做日落冥想,去bhajan (唱歌/念咒),吃晚饭,然后去睡觉。看到她的追随者们的生活,并试着去尝试过他们的日常生活其实是非常有趣的。

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Thanks for the recipe for the kale dish. I'll be having a go at it soon.

writing very touched my feeling .. really heba and have a high science. help me to succeed like you @anwenbaumeister ..thank you

Güzel bir paylaşım...elinize sağlık

You are indeed living in a very healthy way. Keep it up.


Interesting pictures from different parts of the world @Anwenbaumeister

You have learned me where the northern tip of New Zealand is. What a nice little lighthouse.
In Kerala area of India, the Norwegian government after the second world war had a project helping fisherman from this district of India.
Thanks for your recipe for​ the dish of kale.
This vegetable has gained increasing popularity and uses in Norway in recent years.
Personally, I have used and appreciated this vegetable, both tasteful, and rich in vitamin and mineral content.

Greetings from Norway

Wonderful! Have a nice relax with these beautiful places :-)))

Thanks much for your contribution to Curie and the upvote I received from them :D I appreciate your efforts to make steemit the best place for creators. Cheers!

you are the perfect bridge in the first picture;) . Your pictures are truly amazing it feels like a longing. Mach weiter so!

About Cape Reinga and Hawaiki: it is astonishing that there are found many similarities in myths around the world, of peoples that have had no connection with one another. This story of the ancestral spirits departure to a mythical home makes me think of similar in Norse Myth (Folkwang).
Not isolated, I found similarities of this kind in Native American and Traditional Siberian communities as well. There, one could possibly cite the Bering Strait Theory, which Native Americans vehemently oppose: Native Americans Call for Rethinking of Bering Strait Theory.
But there is no such tenuous connection between Vikings and Maori, other than perhaps they were seafaring people.

O my god! I love kale!!! I saw this photo and had to comment. I am actually considering a kale sticker for my skateboard haha.

New Zealand is such a gorgeous part of the world. I've travelled to both the north and south islands. I love Queenstown. And I can't stop thinking about the hike up to Ben Lomond. Absolutely breath taking.

For what it's worth, here is my 2 cents on kale...

Take care,

Wow looks you are really having a great time... I so wish to be a part of that adventure, I have never left Nigeria, lovely post honey @anwenbaumeister.

writing very touched my feeling .. really heba and have a high science. help me to succeed like you ..@anwenbaumeister .thank you.

writing very touched my feeling .. really heba and have a high science. help me to succeed like you ..@anwenbaumeister .thank you.

writing very touched my feeling .. really heba and have a high science. help me to succeed like you ..@anwenbaumeister .thank you.

I'm sorry that my vote doesen't count anymore but you still get it from me. The first photo made in New Zeland it's beautiful. Great post!

Keeping health is very good.


Oh my gosh! Miss Baumeister,
I loved your Blog! Thats just the Content fits 100% to me <3
I love the mood you create by sharing those crazy good matching pics.
Really takes one with you through your Travels.

ps. the new zealand picture is rad!

all the best from germany,
johannes (:

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Hello dear hope that you're good and everything's goes great in your life.
So this is a humble gift for you hope you accept it and like it.

Thank you for the good post.