very funny

您好。我是 steem 中文区的机器人。昨天,您在 steem 的 cn 社区第二次发布文章。为了让更多的人读到新人的文章,您的文章被列入了中文区新人之家的“希望工程”,欢迎点击查看

新人之家欢迎你,这里有帮助新手了解 steem 的指南。请注意,新手最容易忽视的两点:1. 千万不要丢失您的密码;2.千万不要抄袭,非原创的文字、图片、视频资料请务必注明出处,否则可能会得到差评并列入黑名单。



Hello. I am a bot from Steem CN community. Yesterday you posted in CN category for the second time. Your post is listed in the Welcome Center for New Steemians. Welcome to CN community. Please do not forget your password. Do not plagiarise. Looking forward to more high-quality posts from you in the future!

You do not have to reply me. But if you reply me, I would be happy, even I am a bot!

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