Sunbirds are Nesting on my balcony—太阳鸟在我家阳台筑巢啦!

in #cn7 years ago

2014-03-04 21.10.02.jpg
Recently a pair of little birds travel often between the tree canopy and my front balcony. It seems they are searching for something. To my big surprise, they are looking for a place for their love nest! After a careful consideration of the week, decided to live in my balcony. In order to understand these latest family members, I searched on Internet and know they are the yellow-bellied sunbirds.

What smart birds. The balcony adds protection for their future generation. Away from wind and rain and natural enemies, because most of the predators stay clear of human activity.

The following days are busy and full of excitement. The first thing I do every day is to check their love nest progress. After a-week long hard working, the prototype has been set. Wait wait, what are you still doing? Flower petals, more flower petals, scented grass for the nest, flowers for the bed, what a romantic couple! Two weeks later, an elaborate and highly decorated nest is done. Where did you get so many pink petals?


The mother is already in the nest. Look forward to the birth of a bird baby. Can’t wait anymore……

鸟妈妈已经在巢里了。 期待小鸟宝宝的出生吧。等不及了……


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