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Code long artificial intelligence 

the World Economic Forum (also known as the "Davos forum") officially announced the 2018 "Technology Pioneer" list of enterprises. Through the rigorous screening of more than 60 authoritative scholars, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and corporate executives, with its outstanding contribution in the field of artificial intelligence, it has been successfully listed as the only Chinese innovation enterprise, and the other 60 most potential technological innovation enterprises from all over the world. Share this honor.

It is reported that the review will be strictly investigated from the creative power, influence, leadership and other dimensions of the selected enterprises, and finally selected 61 scientific and technological innovation companies that have won this honor. It is worth mentioning that the world-renowned companies including Google, Airbnb, Kickstarter, Twitter and Wikipedia have been selected for the list.

The world economic forum, also known as the "Davos forum", is an international body with the aim of improving the global situation. Since its founding in 1971, the forum has actively cooperated with leaders of the political, commercial and social fields of the international authority to promote the development of all regions and industries in the world. The world economic forum 's "technology pioneer" award converged on start-ups from all over the world, which covered frontier technology innovation design, development and deployment, and would have a far-reaching impact on the business community and society. It is reported that this year's "technology pioneer" is the most diversified combination in history, whether in terms of geography, leadership or technical racetrack.

Fulvia Montresor, head of technology pioneer at the world economic forum, said: "we welcome Ma Long technology as a member of" technology pioneer ". For the fourth industrial revolution that is currently underway, the technology and its joint ventures are important driving forces. We firmly believe that in the near future, they will play an active role in the transformation of society and industry. "

"We are honored to be a member of the world economic forum 'science and technology pioneer'," said CEO Huang Ding long, co - founder and co - founder of the world economic forum. "Code long technology has always maintained a belief that the great potential and opportunities of artificial intelligence must be shared by communities around the world. The world economic forum will help us build deeper ties with people from all walks of life. We look forward to it! "

It is reported that the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (also known as the "summer Davos forum") will be held in Tianjin in from September 18th to 20th this year, and the co - founder and Dr. CEO Huang Ding long, the co - founder and Dr. Huang Ding long, will be invited to this event.

As the representative innovation enterprise in the field of artificial intelligence in China, code long technology is committed to providing the most advanced computer visual technology services and solutions for retail, fashion, textile and other industries with commodity identification technology. Founded in 2014, it is the first artificial intelligence enterprise invested by Softbank in China. Its headquarters is located in Shenzhen and has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Japan and the United States.

In the near future, with its outstanding technical research and development and commercial landing ability, the code is also included in the "2018 Cool Vendors for AI in Computer Vision (artificial intelligence computer vision field report)" published by the global well-known research and consulting company Gartner. In the retail field, the technology of ProductAI has become the leader of the circuit by its core product, the AI commodity identification platform. This technology enables computers to identify goods like people, and has now successfully enforced multiple retail scenarios such as physical stores, smart containers, and online shopping platforms.


世界经济论坛(又称为“达沃斯论坛”)正式公布了 2018 “科技先锋(Technology Pioneer)”企业名单。经由 60 余位权威学者、企业家、风险投资家和企业高管所组成的评审会的严格筛选,凭借其在人工智能领域的突出贡献,码隆科技作为唯一一家中国创新企业成功登榜,与来自全球各地的另外 60 家最具发展潜力的科技创新企业共享这一殊荣。

据悉,此次评审会从参选企业的创新力、影响力、领导力等维度进行严格调研,最终选出了 61 家获此荣誉的科技创新公司。值得一提的是,包括 Google、Airbnb、Kickstarter、Twitter 以及 Wikipedia 等在内的全球著名企业都曾入选该名单。

世界经济论坛,又称“达沃斯论坛”,是以“致力于改善全球状况”为宗旨的国际机构。自 1971 年成立至今,论坛与国际权威的政界、商界及社会各领域的领袖积极合作,携手共促全球各区域、各行业的发展。世界经济论坛的 “科技先锋” 奖项汇聚了来自全球各地的初创企业,其所在领域涵盖前沿科技创新设计、开发与部署,并将对商业界和社会产生深远的影响。据悉,今年 “科技先锋” 入选企业不论是在地域、领导力还是技术赛道等方面都是史上最多样化的组合

世界经济论坛 “科技先锋” 负责人 Fulvia Montresor 表示:“我们非常欢迎码隆科技成为 ‘科技先锋’ 的一员。对于当下正在进行的第四次工业革命而言,码隆科技及其共同入选企业都是重要的推动力。我们坚信,在不久的将来,他们将在社会和产业的转型中发挥积极的作用。”

“我们很荣幸能够成为世界经济论坛 ‘科技先锋’ 的一员,”码隆科技联合创始人兼 CEO 黄鼎隆博士说道,“码隆科技一直都坚持着一个信念,那就是人工智能所蕴含的巨大潜能与机遇必须为世界各地的社区所共享。而世界经济论坛则将助我们与来自社会各界的相关人士建立更深的联系。对此,我们非常期待!”

据悉,本届世界经济论坛“新领军者年会”(也称作“夏季达沃斯论坛”)将在今年 9 月 18 日至 20 日于天津举行,码隆科技联合创始人兼 CEO 黄鼎隆博士受官方邀请将出席此次活动。

作为中国人工智能领域的代表创新企业,码隆科技致力于用商品识别技术为零售、时尚、纺织等行业提供最先进的计算机视觉技术服务和解决方案。码隆科技成立于 2014 年,是软银中国在华投资的第一家人工智能企业,其总部位于深圳,并在北京、上海、日本和美国设有办公室。

近期,码隆科技凭借突出的技术研发及商业落地能力也被列入由全球知名研究与咨询公司 Gartner 发布的“2018 Cool Vendors for AI in Computer Vision(人工智能计算机视觉领域代表企业报告)”当中。在零售领域,码隆科技凭借其核心产品 ProductAI 人工智能商品识别平台成为了该赛道的领军者。这一技术使得计算机能够像人一样去识别商品,并且至今已成功赋能实体店、智能货柜以及线上购物平台等多个零售场景。

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