Original Improvised Singing Music You Call Me a Fool | Simple Good Voice/原创即兴演唱歌曲music《你叫我傻佬》| 简单好声音

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When a song fails to achieve the desired effect after repeated singing, I will change it until I am satisfied. But the fact is always so unsatisfactory, sometimes only through the temporary creation of songs to finish before recording.


Today's song is improvised by me. Its style is simple and real. I have contracted out the Chinese and Cantonese parts of this song, and I like the feeling very much.


In this song, the word "fool" appears. For fools, women usually address their intimate men, mostly between husband and wife, couples. This is what I saw in Baidu... ...


在这首歌曲里面出现了“傻佬”这个词,对于傻佬,一般是女性对于自己亲密的男性的称呼,多半出现在夫妻啊,情侣之间。这个是我在百度看到的... ...

The song's title is "You call me a fool." So who calls me a fool? Just keep the answer in mind. Because of improvisation, lyrics are included in songs.


The song "You Call Me a Fool" actually expresses that she appeared in my life, I fell in love with her, and then got her recognition under my efforts. This song is like telling a simple and romantic love story, in which the heart of the hero and the heart of the heroine become a line.


Cantonese is not my mother tongue. My mother tongue is Mandarin. I'm singing my non-standard Cantonese songs with my heart.


"You call me a fool" I hope you will like it.



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