Hive is Alive? Let me Say Hi to Hive

in #cn4 years ago (edited)

(Update after posting: I posted this post in Hive and the post appeared in Steemit but not Hive. It's so funny lol)

Hello Hive! Finally can see you!

In these days I am super confused about the "hard fork". So there are Steemit and Hive, there are steem and hive. So now my profile in the two platforms is the same, only thing is my SP in steemit becomes HP in Hive. And the Hive Wallet is still Error 526. I have no idea if I can earn hive at this moment.

I also have no idea if my posts are sync between two platforms. Yes, I know nothing now and I believe many of you are the same. The popcorn time lasts for so long and seems to keep going.

Anyway, Let me write a post to test it and see if the post appears in Steemit.

I wish Hive will be good and of course, the coin will be good.

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