[Part 3] My Own Experience: Depression; Symptoms 5 and 6. 抑郁症!

in #cn-malaysia2 years ago (edited)

So, if one person started to gain weight and lose sleep. They will eventually start feeling restless and agitated both physically and mentally. For me physically, i started to hate my body, so i resort to self-harming, which is causing pain harm towards myself so that i can take my mind off of my depression. And mentally, every little thing pisses me off and i started to lash out, i get angry at everyone and everything. Like when i dropped my pen at school, i got angry at my friend for helping me to pick it up. That cost me my friend. And slowly i started to lose all of my friends.

Due to me being restless and agitated physically and mentally. And also because of my insomnia, I was tired most of the time. When i am tired, once again, i became violent. Everyone around was my enemy even if that person is family. I got angry if the food was too salty or too bland. I got angry if i wrote a word wrong on my homework. I was very tired, but i couldnt sleep. I wasnt functioning like a normal human being, i wasnt recharged like other people. I was constantly on the verge of breaking down.

Thank you and stay tune! i will be writing my last part on this series and also share my way and experience on how to get out of depression! Once again, stay tune!