槟城Steemit分享讲座 | Steemit Event Held in Penang, 27 Feb 2018 : Create Contents & Earn Crypto Currency

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First and foremost, I would like to address my sincere appreciation to #teammalaysia and organizers of “Create Contents & Earn Crypto Currency”, especially to super-friendly-heros @bitrocker2020, @davidke20, @aaronleang for organizing on such a meaningful event!
...which enable me to meet up with my dearest steemit buddy – @vamos-amigo for very first time.

Taken a ride with @vamos-amigo towards Prangin Mall took about 45 minutes. But humorous and sincere @vamos-amigo made the journey extremely fun and interesting.
当天,当时间滴答滴答迈向分享会时,老实说,心情真的有些兴奋。搭着@vamos-amigo兄的顺风车,一路上有说有笑的往Prangin Mall前行,因为刚好遇上堵车(放工)的高峰时间,耗时大约45分钟,但未有一丝的倦意,可能这是因为幽默但坦诚的@vamos-amigo兄关系吧。

When arrived at the destination, we went straight to the lecture hall and get ourselves registered.

Eagle-eyed @vamos-amigo saw @davidke20, and quickly pulled me to introduce ourselves. That's how I met my Super-hero for very first time.

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-27 at 11.20.15 PM.jpeg
There, @ davidke20 acted as ice-breaker. He jokes around, warm-hearted and extremely attractive personality turned around this first time meeting into more or less a re-union / gathering of old-friends. Of course, my humorous buddy @vamos-amigo acted as a catalyst too.
开始时,还有一点点陌生,但很快的,被大方又有魅力的@davidke20给融化了。内心,有一种相见恨晚的感觉。因为,在steemit大家庭一路成长以来,除了(内心)对@davidke20的才华以及用心教导我们这些新手的敬佩,以及从无怨言以及默默的为每个新人付出时间 / 教导。

When the sharing session begun. We concentrate and listened to @ bitrocker2020's analysis and sharing of what's, how's, where's, who's and why's on steemit.
Without failing the audiences, brother @ bitrocker2020 explained profoundly in simple but meaningful way. I was highly impressed.
WhatsApp Image 2018-03-01 at 3.38.05 PM.jpeg

Times flying, while being brainstormed, I have no idea how quickly the sharing session has come an end...


After this meaningful sharing session, I will definitely encourage my spouse and kid to join the very next sharing session from @bitrocker2020 and / or @davidke20 soon.

Life is like a box of chocolate... | 缘分

If not because of steemit, meeting all the super-friendly-heros such as @bitrocker2020, @davidke20, @vamos-amigo, @aronleang (with more than 30 million population in Malaysia)..is almost a mission-impossible.
For this reason, I am feeling blessed and will definitely appreciate it! Thanks Steemit! Thanks my dear heros....!!!
在人口超过三千万的马来西亚(虽然不大),但,数学的概率则是千万份之一的机会下......还能够与@bitrocker2020, @davidke20, @vamos-amigo, @aaronleang 们遇见,只能说是一种缘分!


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@iipoh06, 我觉得你会是一个大牛!

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This is awesome! Any chance to have similar event held in Kuching?

...may need to ask our brother @bitrocker2020....

Hope this helps.



谢谢你大哥,我们20号还有一场和老大 @davidke20 的约会,哈哈

很好的分享会,呵呵不知你会否出席@davidke20 的中文分享会?期待也可读到有关的讯息




哈哈到时就等@iipoh06 的文章 @vamos-amigo 的照片,能够双剑合璧就更加天下无敌

@davidke 在,气氛肯定不会冷场,因为乌鸦都飞走了。

@elizacheng 您说的没错,(^_^)


@iipoh06 "内心,有一种相见恨晚的感觉" - 这个形容词很棒啊,黄兄。老大的口才,连天上的鸟儿都能给骗下来 XD


哈哈,你太太应该不介意吧 :D


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