A huge electric panda is born in China - This is an opportunity!

China's energy company in China Merchant's source population (China Merchants New Energy) and (Panda Green Energy Group Limited). Panda solar panel 248 acres Shanxi Datong (about 1 square kilometers) are pleased to announce the Panda Power Plant project !

To make it a panda type solar panel, this plan uses two types of solar panels. By using a thin solar cell at the part corresponding to the white of the panda, and using a solar cell of the single crystal silicon type at the part hitting the black, it put black and white. If you use the latest solar cell, you may be able to mass produce more panda. A monster panda who will generate 3.2 billion kWh of electricity in 25 years on completion. The energy is comparable to about 1 million tons of coal.

The Panda Power Plant project began in May 2016, agreed on cooperation with the United Nations Development Program on September 1, and an official announcement on 20 November the same year. At the International One-Way Conference held in Beijing on May 14th this year, the Chinese government and the United Nations recognized that this plan will be incorporated into the economic zone concept " One Way Road " aiming for China to form. It is already a momentum of awesome pearls!

The United Nations Development Program and Bear Cat Green Power Source Group Co., Ltd. are full of honey moons enough to carry out summer camps for young people in China

Mr. Trump, who unleashed the Paris Agreement and announced withdrawal while criticizing China. China that led the initiative of the giant economic zone "one-way road" that has gained support and agreement with more than 100 countries, promoting the Paris agreement in cooperation with the EU in such a US tie. For China, which is promoting legislation concerning environmental measures in China, this lovely panda will be the tailwind.


wow way to go china!

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It really was a shame for America to get out of the Paris Agreement.

Simple answer - If Americans can benefit, they stay @discernente
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