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Thanks @htliao for updating about the successfully recovery of half of the stolen funds in Bithumb. good work.

你好吗?客官渴不渴,有没有去 @laodr 老道茶馆喝口热茶啊?如果不想再收到我的留言,请回复“取消”。

先前的Coinrail,之后的Bithumb - 这两个被黑客骇的灾难,把比特一再推向悬崖……


Sometimes those robberies have a big influence on the market, and prices go down a bit, I think! but at least they have recovered part of the money, hopefully they will recover everything lost.
thanks for the information @htliao 👋 😊


It is good news that they have recovered some of the stolen money, now just wait as things happen with that cryptocurrency