crypto currencies de tulipomania of 22th century

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hello everyone

today we will talk about the blockchain and crypto currencies as if the subject that damaged a lot of keyboards In the past, we said that a lot of ink flowed) if there are among you those who read the story you you will certainly hear about tulipomania During the 17th century, the rich Dutch spent lavishly to obtain the precious bulbs. A wind of madness then blew over the tulip trade. The bulbs become in a few years a commodity trading at a gold price( up to more than fifteen times the annual salary of a specialized craftsman or the price of 2 houses of average size), supplanting, for example, the value of a painting by Rambrandt!

A few years later, tulips had become so popular that they created the first economic bubble dubbed Tulip Mania or Tulipomania. The bulbs will even be used as currency until the Stock Market Crack and the collapse of the market. the same thing for crypto the collapse and inevitable but when I don't know in 2 or 3 years maybe at the exit of crypto dollars and euro and several other currencies I believe that's why I advise not to invest only what you can bear to lose and be sure that losing money on the blockchain and closer than winning it is a small subject that will help you

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