CLUB 💯 32K Steem Reached - 268SP POWERED UP

in #club50503 years ago (edited)

Today after receiving a payout i decided to buy some more Steem so that i could reach the goal of 32,000SP, this means i am only 3000SP away from reaching my goal of 35,000SP by year end.


Here is my Wallet before i powered up the 268 i just brought


Time to power that up


Here is my new 32K Balance


Lets check my last 3 months of wallet activity




I do think Club100 is an awesome way to get even more Steem Locked up.

Enjoy your Monday and i hope the weather is treating you fine

Kind Regards @kiwi-crypto 🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬



Nice work reaching 32k, and I wish you luck on getting to 35k before 2022 as there isn't much time left.

Yeah after writing that i thought it might be a big call

But who knows...

Hello sir @kiwis-crypto, thank you for coming around to vote steemkidss. I appreciate you so much. Please if there is anything you will like us to improve in, I will appreciate it

Happy 32K friend 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

Thank you for that - hope you are having a good start to the day!


Congratulations! That's a pretty impressive accomplishment — great example of what you can accomplish with some dedication and determination!

Its been pretty entertaining the last 2 odd years, thanks for your kind words

You are doing a great job boss.
More money for more steem to your account i pray.
Keep sailing,your ship will never capsize because your are a good steemit captain.
More grace to you for more power ups 🙌🙌🙌

Thanks for that and the encouragement

I started with 1500SP 2 and half years ago so i am pretty happy in reaching 32K

This is very awesome sir
I am devoted to reaching such a milestone in future.
I tap from your grace and persistence

Good work bro, 35K not far away!

You should sell me some Steem...

Very Nice Power Up Sir. Hopefully Your target of 35000 SP will be achieved by the end of this year and you will be more successful.

End of the year would be good, but hey if i dont make i am sure the sun will come up the next day.

thanks for re-steeming my post

You're Welcome Sir, Thanks You for your Support me.

amazing, a little more to 35k @kiwi-crypto

Hopefully by the year end

great sir, hopefully it will be achieved quickly @kiwi-crypto #club100

Great achievement @kiwi-crypto. Happy 32K

Thanks for that

Excellent congratulations. Greetings

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