Talk Health With Akwese, THWA : Happy World Prematurity day🥰

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Talk Health With Akwese, THWA : Happy World Prematurity day



Hey guys. How are you doing ? Did you miss my health talks ? I sure did. 🥺

Today we are going to be talking about prematurity mostly because today is world Prematurit day and I have been following up this young girl who just gave birth to a premature baby and the whole thing was so stressful on her.💔

Did you know that every 30 seconds, a premature baby dies ?

Did you also know that 1 in every 10 babies are born prematurely over the world ? Now do you understand why this is so serious ?

Children are adorable, children are precious, children bring joy. This would not be the case if these children don’t live long enough.

Who is a premature child then ?

A premature child or a preterm child is any child born before 37 completed weeks of gestation and after 28 completed weeks of gestation in our setting. In raising awareness about trying to prevent having premature babies, we have to avoid the risk factors which are :

Risk factors

-Having children before 18 years and after 30 years of age.

-Alcohol use during pregnancy🍺

-Chronic hypertension(refer to my post about hypertension)

-Absence of good followup during pregnancy by professionals

-Having diabetes

-Being pregnant with more than one baby at the same time👩‍👦‍👦

-Mother not feeding well

-Previous premature babies

The topic of prematurity is too long and complex and cannot be treated in a few words but trying to avoid these risk factors would at least be a step forward in trying to avoid having premature babies.
Have a blessed evening.


Great write up , I have been enlightened with this wonderful write up

Thank you for reading

What a great content my dear, I always enjoy reading all your content. I have really learned alot in this your content

Thank you so much. I appreciate you reading my content.

Thanks for this insight dear your write is short an inspirational I never knew you have a particular duration of giving birth ma born quick ohhh

😂😂born you quick ya

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