Pakistan In Utter Crises

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We need help. We need help from everywhere. We need Prayers. Pakistan is going through the worst flooding it has ever faced. In less than four days almost 1000 people have already lost their lives.

Rain and flood has hit us from all corners of the country. It first started in down south where the biggest province of Pakistan, Balochistan was flooded completely. Millions of people were affected by these floods with thousands of housands eradicated.

After Balochistan, due to the continuous rain in Sindh and Balochistan, Sindh was flooded in 3-4 days. With no help from the Government, NGOs amd charity organizations stepped up and started helping these people. Some of the notable organizations include:

  • Al Khidmat

  • JDC Foundation

  • Red Crescent Organization

I'll share some pictures from these floodings.









Pakistan Disaster Management Authority has issued an extremely critical emergency in the northern areas as well. With non-stop rain being poured down in KPK, more than 200 people have lost their lives since yesterday.

The rain emergency, which took effect immediately, is in effect until 30 August as the Flood Forecasting Department (FFD) warned of 'heavy flooding' in the Khwaja Khela and associated rivers/tributaries of the Swat River.

Besides Swat, flash floods also devastated Shangla, Mingora, Kohistan, DI Khan, Hazara Division in Karam Valley, and other parts of the state.

A video that has gone viral on social media shows a famous hotel washed down by the flood.


The flood has completely taken over Pakistan. This video is from the KPK province. Apart from KPK as I mentioned Balochistan, Sindh and Punjab are all drowned in water as well.

I am collecting donations through the @smilepakistan account. I know it has been inactive for some time now but we need help.

cc: @steemcurator01 @steemchiller @pennsif


I know how terrible the flood situation is. A few days ago, there was a flood in our country, the damage of which is still not being compensated. Hope government can take important measures to improve the situation very soon.

Stay Safe.May Allah bless all flood affected people.

Thank you so much for keeping us in your prayers.

Help Pakistan

Almost exactly a year ago, there was the flood disaster here in Germany, on the Ahr. It was terrible and relatively unexpected. There were deaths and many people lost their homes. In your country, many more people are affected at the moment. In addition, there is no proper relief structure, if I understand you correctly. That is tragic and one - at least I - feels helpless. I hope you come out of this crisis in one piece and find strength and support! My thoughts are with you!

Vor ziemlich genau einem Jahr gab es die Flutkatastrophe hier in Deutschland, an der Ahr. Es war fürchterlich und kam relativ unerwartet. Es gab Tote und viele Menschen verloren ihr Heim. Bei Euch sind derzeit ungleich viel mehr Menschen betroffen. Zusätzlich gibt es keine richtige Hilfsstruktur, wenn ich Dich richtig verstehe. Das ist tragisch und man - ich zumindest - fühlt sich hilflos. Ich hoffe so, Ihr kommt heil aus dieser Krise heraus und findet Kraft und Unterstützung! Meine Gedanken sind bei Euch!

I am so sorry for the losses that you faced in your area. Thank you so much for your concerns and your thoughts

Help Pakistan

Flood emergency has been imposed in our area as well. Next few hours are critical. Nearby small villages have already been hit.

Omg. Are you guys safe? Please keep us posted.

River Kabul was already over-flowing and last night Munda headworks collapsed as well which created a lot of panic. 4lac+ cusec water was expected between 2am-4am. We stayed up last night waiting for evacuation signal but luckily water didn't flow towards our area. And unfortunately, it caused havoc in Charsadda (15-20km away from my place). Till morning, 2.5 lac cusec water was recorded there and since then the level has been rising and now reached 3lac+. Even if goes up 4, I hope it will not affect us as much because our area is slightly higher than Charsadda and Nowshehra.

Thank God that you are not in danger. Be safe, may trouble pass you by.

The Hub dam has broken...

Stay Safe. My prayers are with Karachiites.

One of my friends who's from Balochistan, is not sble to contact his family for more than 3 days now. The last time he did, the whole village had drowned already and his family were off looking for shelter. God help us.

Oh my... It's so heartbroken to see the entire families drowning and hundreds of homes sinking. That Sawat hotel's video and many other videos of helpless people are giving me chills down the spine.

My brother works for an NGO, he visited interior Sindh yesterday and was telling there's water everywhere. Entire villages have sunken. First Baluchistan then Sindh and now KPK. ):

It's good that many organizations have stepped forward. But it is always heartbreaking to see the helplessness that a natural calamity brings.

Awh this is terrible!
It is times like this that one feels so small and hopeless.
I’ll keep you in my prayers 🙏

Thank you 🥺🥺

And we'll not lose hope. We'll keep on working through God's will. There are a lot of charitable organizations that have stepped up as the government hasn't done anything yet. Our Prime Minister is in Qatar, for am official Fifa World Cup 2022 tour. The rest of the politicians Haven't spoken up yet. It's us, the common men who have once again take steps to overcome this calamity. God help us all.

I am in touch with El-nailul and will be very shortly posting this case from @smilepakistan. I'm sure we'll be able to collect some amount from there.

Oh, it's sad to hear that! Hope it will end really soon without further damages to lives and properties

Thank you so much for your thoughts

Help Pakistan

This is a big trouble. Be safe. Are you personally at risk of this?

Thank you for your concerns.

Are you personally at risk of this?

We weren't till today morning. This morning the dam, that was keeping Karachi (where I live) safe has broken. There's an expected flooding here. We have been given a Critical Hit alert.

Help Pakistan

O God! I will pray for you. Thanks for the link.

Floods have wreaked havoc in Pakistan and we are getting very worried. I pray to Allah Almighty to have mercy on the charity of his beloved Prophet (PBUH) on Pakistan. Pakistan really needs help.

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