QUARTRAINIUM 88: The ORANGE DEMON steps closer to the brink ...

in clownadamus •  10 months ago

Chestnut trees are in bloom as walnut liquor fills goblets and spreads fancy. An orange figure manages the last coffers and ensures the thieves' bargain. Hellish wastrels meander along lost avenues and there are no candy stores open.

"Challenge the KING! NAY!", a knight implores - his mistress of deceit stands watch at the door.

The third sun burns brightly, as meadows become coarse reminders of human frailty. A desert, a dry plain, a sea of salt and the god of NESTUS sits upon his throne of glass. Every color in attendance, as a fiery column stretches towards the SKY.

ZIPANGU feels the pain, twice, and the empty caterwauling of furry maggots shatters the illusion of MORGAN and HAROLD ...

Cheap jewelry, gold-cast'd by strange traders from far away, lay strewn upon the apartment floor - DETECTIVE JOOB ponders various crimes.

Other prophecies: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Yo5kW8pk1P0-_LMeGiw_mz2DLsWVLqYN/view

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