Start Mining coins for free - awesome for anyone starting out

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Hey people thought i would tell you about a way you can get started with mining coins for free particularly if you don't have a great setup when it comes to mining.

The first way is through Eobot which is a cloud mining service that you can sign up for. While it does cost money or BTC to pay for power simply logging into the program everyday gives you a free Dogecoin plus you can access their faucet which will pay roughly 0.5 cents USD per day per visit. This is useful because if you have your Eobot setup to mine the Cloud GHS 5 Year Rental it will add to your hashpower. You can also exchange your Dogecoin for hash power as well. Once you have some power you are in business as this can then be applied to your favourite coin or alternatively be put to use to gain more hashpower.

Hopefully that makes sense but I put this video together showing the steps for anyone interested.

My link to sign up is below not sure if that's allowed here but all good either way its more just an educational video to assist anyone starting out trying to get some coins. While the amount you can make doesn't sound like much to begin with it can compound plus the coins can also go up in value obviously.

Before selecting a coin to mine make sure you are realistic about whether you will be able to generate enough to withdraw. If you select the withdraw tab you will notice what the sites minimums are as well as their fees. It is best to pick something that you can collect enough of so that you will be able to eventually transfer them out.


cant complain about free coins right :) hehe

I'd be interested in seeing your results.

From this one I have been gradually building from basically nothing to the point now where I am making roughly $3-4 dollars worth of coins a month. I have added dribs and drabs of power along the way but it will run on autopilot for the next 5 years if I do nothing from now on. If you sign up with me ill guide you on how to do it.

Thanks. Can you make another video about how to get started with the cloud mining?

yes will do soon I will post once I'm ready :)

That is an interesting concept.

Does it let you mine with your own computer and cloud mining at the same time?


it sure does. Any cloud mining is not using your resources but whichever provider you select e.g Eobot. Basically you are paying them in Bitcoin for the amount of resources that you want to use. Using Eobot as an example I would say that you should have a 100% return on your initial investment after about 2 years into a 5 year mining contract. This doesn't take into account the fluctuations in the coin price however I believe the coins (particularly the ones I am mining) will be more costly in the future so the return can obviously improve heaps based on that.

Eobot allows you to receive a free faucet reward everyday which you can get to mining. After day 1 you will have an amount ticking over for you which you can direct to more mining and it builds from there. You can effectively start from scratch and build up coins and mining using their resources with no initial outlay.


I will definitely check them out! I have heard about genesis mining, which is cloud based, too. They have had problems though.

I have also heard about staking wallets which pay you for keeping your wallet running, with coins in it, of course.

yep so genesis is very similar to this but with less coin options and obviously a few people saying they are dodgy or scammy so to speak. You also cant get started for free either. Staking is cool I have done that with BitConnect and it works quite well