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the page is long

last part of the page

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Still doesn't answers my question . I googled the site so I know now how it looks like and calculated a bit.
Result: Don't invest unless you have min. $718.20USD and you'll earn ~70$ per month but then again you already paid $718.20USD and it'll take at least 10 months (and a few weeks) to actually get back your invested money.
10 Months is not okay nor bad its horribly bad and I wouldn't recommend it at all!
genesis-mining on the other hand got contracts where you pay zero for maintenance and it will take 6 months to get your invested money back. They're also extremely popular and well known in the mining community.

hashing24 is a lifetime contract

and the contract with no fee on genesis mining it a 2 year contract

lifetime > 2 years

ok. hm but still you have to pay the maintenance fee which genesis is not throwing you into your throat (in e.g ether or zec, NOT BTC).

i got 10.2 Th (btc contract) in genesis and i pay fees

bitcoin contract on hashing24 and genesis have fees

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don't want to be rude but you didn't read my reply carefully enough! I wrote (e.g ether or zec ,NOT BTC) so for Ethereum or Zcash or any other one you pay zero fee. But not for BTC. 10.2Th is profitable you make at least (fees already applied) 150$ per month.

ah ok ok

monero on genesis you dont pay fee and its 2 years contract

the calculator is for a 10 Th contract