Cloud Mining is it worth your time?

in #cloud-mining4 years ago

Everyday I see tons of articles explaining to all of us peasants, how great it is to cloud mine, let me tell you I am not buying it literally. If ever cloud mining was so profitable in the first place why aren't the mining company doing it for themselves?
First of all i do not believe these big mining companies are for do good for "others", no one does that I wouldn't do that. Second of all clearly cloud companies are extracting profit out of it which is fine unless the market was not this volatile. By volatile here I mean prices are on the rise. You might ask why how does that matter?
Here hold my cup. If you will out right just buy that amount of crypto over a course of time the worth would have increased so much that your mining contract would never be able to cover.
I have tried it all and I will never buy any contract ever.


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Cloudmining is just a hoax .. Never go for it

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