Creating The World’s Most Loved Clock App.

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Get Paid To Stay Alive.

It’s 2018, who in their right minds will embark on a journey to create a clock app? Well, this won’t be an ordinary clock app as you can tell from the title, it is going to be the most loved clock app in the world.

Why Tho?

Almost all of our devices these days come with default clock and calendar​ apps. We use the alarm, check the time from time to time, and use the calendar​ to set reminders. For many of us, it’s a way we get to remember birthdays and anniversaries of our folks.

These days, when you receive an email that contains details of an event, your calendar​ automatically gets the data and syncs with your calendar​. The clock and calendar​ apps seem to be the most underrated apps on our devices yet we really can’t do without them.

For one, the clock app has saved me from having to buy a wristwatch out of necessity so now I bother my head about wristwatches only to look fashionable. The alarm function is just a lifesaver, although there are times the sleep is just too lit and I have no choice but to snooze the alarm several times.

Now that I’ve tried to establish the importance of the Clock app, let me try to describe to you how I intend to create one that everyone will be gushing about. It’s very straightforward…

Alarm Clock

It is as simple as getting paid to wake up!

What if you got rewarded for every single time you did not snooze your alarm? So basically, my clock app is on a mission to promote and encourage an amazing lifestyle of timeliness and top-notch​ organization​. It is our belief that humans who go the extra mile to stay organized and be on time should be celebrated a lot more than superheroes and one way to do that will be by rewarding them.

Once your alarm goes off in the morning, you’re expected to pick it up, complete some sort of trivia activity and get rewarded.

Reminder and To-Do List

You can either set this up the day before or do it right after you wake up. If you did not set it up the day before, the app will prompt you to create a list. The reminder helps you stay on track and notifies you minutes before the task on your list is scheduled to start, and minutes before the expiration of the time. As you check things off your list in a timely fashion, you will get rewarded. This is to encourage you to stay organized no matter how little and insignificant your daily tasks appear to be.


Just in case you haven’t figured out yet, the app will be built on a blockchain and the rewards will be in a cryptocurrency called CLOCK. We should call the app itself Clockr.

Details on the token and ICO will be released later.


In a bid to prevent indiscriminate farming of rewards, the number of alarms, reminders, and to-do lists a user can create will depend on the quantity of token such user has staked on the Clockr platform. By default, users can only earn rewards from one alarm use per day. As users earn and grow their wallet, they can stake their CLOCK tokens for increased functionality on the app.

Social Ratings

We want to get the whole world using Clockr so this means it’s most likely that people you know will also be using Clockr. Users can send out invites (for a date or a meetup) and requests (to babysit or mow the lawn) to other users and rate them based on their timeliness. This rating will be public and contribute to a user’s Total CLOCK Score. Your CLOCK Score shows other people how reliable and dependable you can be when it comes to time and organization.

Enterprise Package


Clockr can be used by businesses to reward members of their staff that report early for work. An interested company will buy up CLOCK tokens from the exchanges, lock it up in some smart contract and reward every staff that satisfies the requirement of the smart contract. This could also be used to reward staff who work overtime.


One major issue event organizers have is with people keeping to time. With Clockr, organizers can send out invites which automatically registers on the user’s calendar as a reminder. The user doesn’t get paid when the reminder alarm goes off but gets rewarded if they arrive at the venue on time. This can be used at any events from church services to wedding receptions.

Oh, you were thinking it’s a total shitcoin? Maybe partly, but not totally. 😆


There are way too many ways this app can be exploited to farm rewards especially on the consumer side but since our aim is to become the most loved app, and people will be happy to farm the rewards, then we really do not mind! ​​

And we need a blockchain to store data and record transactions. If you can't imagine the amount of data that will be flowing through this app, you are missing a lot. As always, the power of the data will be with the users and it will very easily be another source of rewards for them.

This idea popped into my head a few minutes ago and has not been properly processed. The idea of the whole thing is to pour it out as silly as it seems.

Now that it is out there, tell me what you think!

Resteem if you like the idea!


Hello @fisteganos.

This seems like a very Timely idea. I will say that the team should find a way to stem abuse.

The project success largely depends on it.

What you said is actually true. The watch is turning more to be just a Fashion item.

Everything these days are passing through different levels of Innovation.

Even the Apple Watch has gone far beyond the telling of time. It is turning out to be the Number one health gadget.

Innovation happens constantly , from the Hourglass right now to the Apple Watch, we will find more and more uses for everyday things.

It is not about how long you Sleep, it is what you do while you are awake.

We all have daily goals we pass up on and when we get notifications for them, we ignore them.

The incentives that this Clock will offer might just be the difference between a fulfilling day and a day wasted.

Like I said. All the possible ways this can be abused should be checked and systems should be put in place to greatly minimize them.

P.s. I will need your thinking Cap.


P.s. I will need your thinking Cap.

You know where to find me! 😁

This looks really neat and will encourage the habit of being early to get off the bird and also to spur productivity and like you said, it's like getting paid to stay alive.
I think this is gonna be a hit for all the right reasons with all the right approaches considered and implemented. Following closely.
Stay awesome!

Following closely.

Hopefully, someone comes along to develop the idea 😄

Wow! This sounds like a winner! I would absolutely love it and I know several people who would to. It's a fantastic idea and it should be developed.

Yes! It should definitely be developed because I'll love to use it.

Once your alarm goes off in the morning, you’re expected to pick it up, complete some sort of trivia activity and get rewarded.

i love this
i'm a fan of snooze, i always snooze till its 9:00am in the morning but this will be kinda interesting
and lemme guess, once i answer the trivia currently i get more tokens?

Lol. You don't get rewarded till you complete the trivia questions 😄. What if snoozing deducted from your CLOCK token balance? And every missed appointment deducts from your wallet also. 😁

Well, I dislike it because now I'll have to set a compulsory alarm to wake me up.😭😭😭

Owkay bro.. Come on this a great thing having the ability to tell the community the use case of this awesome project. This is what many projects fail to do or probably because they don't have a real solution. I must give it to you for your proper conveying of information about this project that even the common man will understand and see reasons why this is a way-to-go project.

I truly look forward to the project itself.

Nice one @fisteganos

Lol... Get ready for it 🕒

You know how I am lol. It's use case over anything else and I believe that the blockchain community will eventually get to that stage. Am I way ahead of the rest? Lol 😂

Thank you 🙏

Lol... Hell yeah. Safe to say you are way ahead of many 🙋🙋

Waking up just got another added benefit. Perhaps with this, people will take care of their health and live careful lives in a bid not to die soon and be woken up by the legendary alarm clock and be rewarded. This is a "timely" intervention.

Lol. The power of rewards and incentives. It is exciting to see how rewarding users to use an alarm clock translates into making them a lot more conscious about their health and lives. I didn't even think about it before now 😄

Paying me to stay alive? Wow! That is definitely a fab idea.

The truth still remains that there will be people that would want to exploit and cheat the system but the most important thing is that many more will benefit from it. I look forward to it.

I also suggest that you find a way to confirm that people actually carried out the task.

I also suggest that you find a way to confirm that people actually carried out the task.

I thought about this for a split second while writing the post but couldn't come up with any solution on the fly that wasn't invading user's privacy. People will always try to exploit systems 😄. What do you suggest will be a way to confirm tasks?

This is a good app. I initially thought it was a hunt. 😂. This will definitely be a lovable app and widely accepted out there. However, exploitation would needed to be checked so as to prevent investors money from turning to cents.

Haha! It's so good, it feels like an existing app! 😄

Very true! Exploitation would definitely be checked.

This is highly first when I started reading the post...I was like, this will just be another shitcoin with a ridiculous idea but my thoughts changed as I gradually read through and even reasoned beyond....I think that apart from the use cases of this coin...

It will significantly change the life of soo many people including me lol...the urge to earn money online is one thing that prevents me from getting quality sleep on a normal day

Now if that same urge[to get tokens] is maintained and scheduled appropriately at specific time intervals...i think that will be really great

Although there might be some future problems with this coin as regards usability and ecosystem the sense that how exactly will everything work to create a perfect balance and maintain itself over time

For example,if the coin keeps on rewarding people from its total supply....there will surely be a day where that supply will be fully distributed then what next?

Probably there should be an incentive which will make sure that the reward pool is efficient at all times

Then the issue of people raping the system is also there

In conclusion I find this idea very cool and a bold step to one of the cool applications of seriously....its just really crazily cool... GOOD JOB BRO!

at first when I started reading the post...I was like, this will just be another shitcoin with a ridiculous idea but my thoughts changed as I gradually read through and even reasoned beyond....

Lmao! Yes!! I’m glad someone got around to admit this 😂😂😂😂 truth is, as I began writing, it had “shitcoin” plastered all over but as I explored deeper, the ideas began to develop and some useful usecases began to show up.

I should do more of these exercises 😁

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

With Clockr, organizers can send out invites which automatically registers on the user’s calender as a reminder.
It should be calendar instead of calender.

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