Short Status Report

in cloakcoin •  last year

From lasvegas83 - Cloak Project Manager

Hey Cloak Community,

I hope you're all well!
I would like to give you a short status report.

We will continue to progress every day and of course we will keep to our goals according to the roadmap.

As you can see on the roadmap, we have founded a public testnet group. All transactions with Enigma were successful in testing and ran smoothly. After more intensive testing, we have noticed that a small amount of coins (0.0x Cloaks) was missing in each Enigma transaction at the recipient's end.
Raizor personally fixed this bug very quickly.

After further testing, we noticed that one Enigma transaction was received via the "Earning Assist".
This problem is very rare and only appeared with one member of the testnet.

Deepend is currently fixing this bug and has a great support from Anorak by now!

It's not an issue you make on command, so it's a little tedious to find it. Also it's not a dramatic problem, but we want to offer you a clean, stable and secure system! As soon as Deepend gives us the go, the source immediately goes to the audit company (which is also waiting for us) and continues with our roadmap.

Besides the development of the source, other team members are working very hard.

Only recently, we had to do a complete server move that went without any problems.
The second phase of the website has started and is currently under development and will be finished soon.

In addition, the PR team works intensely! A lot of preparations are being made for the big PR campaign. All known exchanges (especially DEX) were contacted and many contacts with big crypto news sites were made. So we're on a very good way...

The android and iOS wallet are also under development, but we still have some time until then.
We are also trying to add new developers for the iOS mobile wallet to our dev team.

So far the current status. I hope, I have enriched you with this information.
In the future there will be more often a status report from me, so the community will be always up to date.

Have a nice day and stay Cloakstrong Smiley

Peace and Love



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