In the last instalment of our climate change

In the last instalment of our climate change film series, we explore the present day neglected area of Manghopir. Once clean and filled with crocodiles, the area is now highly polluted with its crocodile numbers dwindling. The film is aimed at sending a message to children that we need to begin healing our environment. A process which begins with greater awareness and an understanding that anyone can reduce, reuse and recycle..

“There will come a time when our children will not benefit from Karachi’s biodiversity. We have to find a way to preserve our mangroves and the animals that inhabit it!” said Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy.

Voice over: Rabia Kiran
Art Director: Babrus khan
Illustrators: Nasir Ansari, Hassham Shabbir, Zoya Currimbhoy
Animator: Adnan Saeed, Shahzaib Khan, Sajjad Hussain
Producer: Eleyna Sara Haroun & Maheen Jam
Script: Eleyna Sara Haroun & Maheen Jam


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