I agree with lunix on this one. IPCC report is not hot air at all, it is fact. Warming climate deniers are completely off track. We need to get rid of the CO2 in the atmosphere and get back to the pre-industrialized oxygen levels for our health and the planet's health. Stop cutting the rain forests and give back the land to nature.

Anyone can make images like that. I could even make them myself. Please don't be so naive.

The Global temperature goes up and down in cycles. The last low (known as the mini ice age) was in the early 1800s when people camped out and ice skated on the Themes in London. It's been rising since then till it maxed out in 1998 and has been declining since then.

That's why the winters have been getting colder with more snow and ice every year. Where is all this extra heat and sea level rises melting ice caps etc.? I haven't noticed them. Have you?

it is fact

Someone once said "there are no facts, only interpretations". Maybe it's time to start listening to him and use your own head to come out with your own interpretation.

We need to get rid of the CO2 in the atmosphere and get back to the pre-industrialized oxygen levels for our health and the planet's health

Oh, and please do tell: what are these "pre-industrialized oxygen levels"? How did you find out about them? Did you travel back in time and measure ALL THE OXYGEN IN THE ENTIRE PLANET, EVERY SINGLE ATOM OF IT?

Seriously, your argument is:

We should keep polluting the Earth. Fuck it. It doesn't matter. Better to pollute the Earth than to let politicians make money off of cleaning it up.

Stop being a fool. You know damn well what "pre-industrialized oxygen levels" means. Or do you really not? Here's how it's done: replace all production with sustainable methods.

Stop polluting the Earth. There is no argument to be made in favor of polluting the planet, yet that's exactly what seems to be happening here. Mind blowing.

your argument is

I had to re-read my comment, but I'm pretty sure I never said that "we should keep polluting the Earth". Nor any of the other stuff that you're attributing to me. But maybe it's me going senile, who knows.

replace all production with sustainable methods

And who decides what is a "sustainable" method? The same guys that own all major oil companies? The same guys that talk about eugenics? And population reduction? The same guys that have been caught lying about their findings multiple times? And that have been wrong multiple times?

Nobody here wants to pollute the Earth, we're not even talking about pollution, which is a real problem. Nobody here is even talking about politicians, they don't deserve anyone's hate, they're too insignificant for that.

We're simply talking about giving power to people who shouldn't have it. Too much power.

No argument there friend. Same team.

You need to start distinguishing between "polluting" and "releasing carbon"... One supposedly warms the Earth and one destroys the soil and water. It's the Carbon Dioxide that you have lumped into this term "pollution"...

Funny how they never mention how the ocean just farted more CO2 into the atmosphere than all of mankind has in our entire existence.

"The Ocean"? We didn't do that? 'The Ocean' did it? Are you seriously right now?

The Earth is alive, and we are a cancer. 'The Ocean' is alive and it regulates the entire world, and we are killing it. If 'The Ocean' dies, we die, plain and simple.

China destroys entire ecosystems by dumping sand on coral reefs to make islands so they lay claim to the South China Sea, and you have the audacity to talk about 'The Ocean' like it's its own separate entity that we have zero effect on?

china reef coral.jpg

Do you know how much life exists in coral reefs? They are less than 1% of the ocean and account for 25% of the life force. Coral reefs are the rain-forest of the ocean. Most evolution happens there and it's obvious that they are responsible for keeping everything in balance in more ways than we will ever fully understand.

Coral reefs are dying. But no, by all means, "the ocean farted CO2" and we have nothing to do with that.

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