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"Reducing carbon dioxide emissions will require radical overhauls to our energy and transportation systems. Drawing down methane and nitrous oxide emissions will mean fundamentally overhauling how food is produced." -NY Times

There is no escape from irrecoverable global climate change catastrophe without a drastic reduction in human population and in the energy consumption per person. Further, there are other essential changes to our lifestyle which may prove as difficult as giving up cars, planes, ships, and deciding who gets to have children when the number can't exceed 1/4 of the present population.

Starting at least 80,000 years ago we have been pursuing a destructive course of false progress aimed at the false goals of comfort, convenience, and shiny objects. All of these are bad for our health as well as destructive to the ecosystem that supports all human life. The first round was implemented by fire and spears, used for hunting species to extinction, particularly those that hunted and ate humans.

We now know that apex predators are keystone species of all biomes; that we have extincted half of all apex predators; and the remaining ones are all endangered or declining precipitously. Even herbivores that merely trample humans occasionally require active preservation to keep from disappearing (rhinos, elephants, hippopotami). We have to make room on the planet for MAN-EATERS, and the world will not be healthy as a whole until a lot more humans get eaten annually. - WITHOUT RETRIBUTION.

The next rounds in planetary destruction were cultivation, domestication of animal species, and metal tools, which disrupted dynamically balanced, self sustaining systems and replaced them with monocultures, increased the hours of work necessary to support ourselves, and decreased lifespans! Mining and metalworking also began the pattern of poisoning the Earth. The only true green is literal (Chlorophyll!). We need to grow most everything we need, and abandon the economy based on unsustainable mining and manufacturing.

The next stage of eco-destruction was civilization. From the very first cities, the two essential factors are food imports and sewage exports - water borne sanitation. When population density exceeds subsistence farming requirements the food has to come from elsewhere; and when density exceeds the speed of composting human waste, it has to be flushed downriver.

This establishes one-way flow of minerals to the sea, and specifically the ones taken from the soil by crops - precisely the ingredients of a healthy human support ecosystem, as the minerals feed the crops which feed the livestock and humans.

The places where civilization began are now all deserts, barrens, or jungles, and far more of the former. In all, humans have annihilated half at last of all forests (3 trillion trees) and a large percentage of grasslands.

The mineral depletion was so extreme that starting in the 19th Century soils needed supplemental Nitrogen, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, and Sulfer to keep feeding industrial centers when there were about 2 billion people total. By mid 20th Century the most exploited soils also needed another eight elements to produce profitable yields in terms of kilograms per hectare.

This research was conducted in "controlled conditions", meaning in a lab. This means it is still being worked out in terms of real world conditions where crops are subject to loss from environmental stress, insects, molds, worms, bacteria, and viruses. It further ignored "nutrient density", that is, the concentrations of molecules synthesized for the benefit of humans: vitamins, bio-flavenoids, anti-oxidants, and immuno-support complexes.

We now know that insects CAN'T DIGEST healthy plants - when there is crop loss from, for example, locusts it is caused by soil deficiencies either chemical, biological, an/or structural. SO, insecticides - nearly all poisonous to humans and other mammals - are an inferior solution, as the crops grown susceptible to insects are lacking in nutrition. All told, nutrient density in US food markets has decreased 70% -100%! You can now buy oranges with ZERO VItamin C.

This, of course, also degrades human health. We now need anti-biotics to resist bacterial infections, vaccinations to combat the common flu, and cancer has gone from a rare condition to the biggest killer in the world.

Without proving that these correlations are causality, cancer is known to be a "disease of civilization", popping up in cities from ancient Athens and Rome to modern urbs like London and New York. Further, all known anti-cancer plants have unusually high uptake of one or more 'Rare Earth Elements', whose fucntion in biology is unknown - all we know for certain is they do not decrease the yield measured in bulk mass when teh plants are grown in a research facility (reductionism)

AND YET, the plants need a good reason to expend their life force extracting these elements from the soil, which includes negotiating with mycelial networks to concentrate them and evolving proteins for the specific ion pumps in the root membrane.

If you can't supply a theory that matches the facts on the ground better, you need to consider the proposition that crappers and cash cropping cause cancer!

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