I'm not even going to try to change your mind on Global Warming and Climate change.

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There would be no point in me trawling the internet to find links and information from peer reviewed scientists and make a case that proved my point that Global warming is real and it is happening now.

How do I know I can't change your mind?

If you don't believe the scientific community and all the evidence they've amassed over decades of study then there is no way that I, as a none climate specialist scientist can change your mind.

Most of the people I've spoken to who dismiss this issue don't even understand the difference between global warming, climate change and man made climate change and see a cold winter as proof that it is a lie. They just see it as scientists and the governments changing the name as they don't know what they are on about.
Today one of those people posted about the theory of global cooling in the 1970's as proof it's all a trick, a theory dismissed by over 90% of scientists who supported the fact global warming would happen because of greenhouse gasses.

The industries responsible for producing theses gases have spent a great deal of money lobbying politicians and the media to rubbish scientific data and protect profits and their industries so they can continue to expend and make ever more money. I can't compete with that amount of propaganda that you have been exposed to over decades in this one blog.

Instead I'm going to post a photograph of my cat and just say this.
Find some actual real science sites and do some research now, in ten years when you realise I was right to believe the scientists I'll get no pleasure from saying 'I told you so.'


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nice post
cute pic
thankx for sharing

Beautiful cate.excellent photography.

eh climate-change deniers will be sorry when their children grow up.
In Australia people are complaining because we've shut down coal powered plants in a bid to switch to renewables because "people are losing jobs" but dont see how their coal power is going to make people lose their lives instead.

So nice cat
I love it
Thanks for sharing

I thinkif you are familiar with HAARP and the spread of Chem trails isn't the issue of global warming , but people who uses and try to test this technology , I 'm that they will abuse it , hurricanes , typhoons and other disaster is really nerve-racking , feel sorry for the people affected during Irma disaster


I've never bought into the conspiracy theories that you can control weather and governments are spraying chemicals from planes. There is no scientific facts to support it, just wild sci-fi induced stories.

1 problem is that people don't believe it, the second problem is that the rewards for acting are very far off, and even then, it's more like there's no reward, things will simply be less bad now than if we act in a couple of decades.

It's as if a doctor where to tell you now: your arm feels fine sir, but that minor throb you sometimes feel in the tip of your index finger is a disease which in 10 years will cause your arm to fall off. Luckily we can just amputate the finger now and save the arm.

Many people in the above scenario would choose to ignore the doctor, and go on living with the throb, assuming it will never lead to the arm falling off...

We are destroying our planet for our children and grandchildren. We can't be ostriches and stick our heads in the sand and hope it will go away. We can only blame ourselves and our lackadaisical attitude towards climate change.

The problem is that people twist the facts and make claims the science doesn't support. Science has established that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas. It has also established that humans cause a lot of it. However, the percent of CO2 in the atmosphere is still very small and there is a lot of uncertainty in exactly how much of recent climate change is due to human activity. There is even more uncertainly in what the 2nd order effects are (or even if they would be more beneficial or more harmful). Climate models have been terrible at predicting future changes thus far. But what makes all of this controversial isn't what the science says so much as what politicians propose. More taxes and other laws that have huge economic impacts with no science that says what they are proposing would do a damn thing in regards to the climate. The reason you have so many "deniers" is because everything the politicians do looks like a money grab. Well, that and people like Al Gore and others who have made bold predictions that have not come true.