My cleanplanet walk of today 30.12.2018

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Hey my friend and lover of a clean planet!

Today I was able to continue with my @cleanplanet habit! I love to help the planet and clean it from all the trash around Hamburg over and over again. It is not demotivating anymore because:

Little steps will lead to big success :)

I am highly motivated to continue my challenge even if I am not able to do it on every single Sunday. I already have that habit to go out on Sundays and I feel quite bad if I can not serve the planet like on the last pre Christmas sunday but this is another story ;)

Because I was not able to find any litter last Sunday at my parents place. Sounds crazy but this is true. I walked 20min around in the nature and decided to get back inside because it was super cold and not worth to search more.

The last days it was rainy and I prepared myself for a cold Sunday but today fortunately it was over 5°C and I was able to get out and serve the planet! Yeih!

Today I didn't made a video to keep it more simple for me and to collect the trash much faster without the recording camera. But of course I made some pictures I want to share with you in this post.

Sooo here we go!







After searching for over 20 minutes I finally found a trashcan... Industrial district but no trash cans realy??


Thanks for reading this post and for your upcoming comment ;)

I want you to go out as well to collect some trash!

  • It takes not much time
  • you are doing something for your health
  • and the planet
  • while receiving rewards!

Why are you still waiting?! GO OUT!!


You are free to use every content of this post!

But please mention my channel in your post ;)

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Really extraordinary work my friends

Great cleanup @tibfox every peace of plastic less on the planet is a good thing!

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