Lets Clean The Beach with @Cleanplanet

in cleanplanet •  last year  (edited)

Click image above to watch video...enjoy

@cleanplanet here on the Steemit platform reached out to me and I liked what I saw them doing. So I decided to throw my two cents in and contribute. It is up to us to keep the world clean...she isn't able to do it herself.

@sandflea cleans up the beach in Lobitos,Peru in support of the cleanplanet project here on the steemit platform. Join sandflea in making the planet a cleaner and healthier place for all. Feel free to check out @cleanplanet and I hope everyone has a great day.

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What a wonderful eco-citizen video !
Thank you so much !
It's exactly why we are there !
You are now an early cleaner... congratulation
Thank you very much for your action !
I hope you will sensibilize a lot of steemians too !
@cleanplanet team is really happy to see your eco-citizen gesture and upvoted you 100%
Continue others when you can do it !
See you soon using cleanplanet tag

It was nice to get out of the house on a nice day and do something productive. As I said before we have no shortage of garbage here...so I will be sure to post more cleanup time with the @cleanplanet crew. You guys keep up the good work!