Cleanplanet (Eco-citizen rewarded act)

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Do you already know Cleanplanet?

This movement aims to clean up the planet and free it from pollution due to the lack of awareness of us human beings.

The damage we cause when we throw our waste in green areas, beaches or simply when we do not classify our garbage in plastic, glass or paper is visible to all.

It is so easy to make a small effort and contribute to the sanitation of our environment.

Since July 1, 2018, Cleanplanet has promoted an initiative within the Steemit platform offering its cure vote through the @cleanplanet account.

You just have to make a post with a video showing your ecological contribution. Whether you are in a city, in nature, at sea, anyone with a Steem account can present an action test on the Steem blockchain and receive a reward for their contribution to the planet.

They are also promoting the CT token on steem-engine.

You just have to "burn" a few CT tokens by following the steps below:
After posting your content you must:

  • Be connected to Steem-Engine
  • Make a transfer from Clean Token (CT) to the @null account
  • Copy / paste exclusively the STEEMIT link of your content
  • Validate the transaction Once this procedure is completed.

You will automatically receive the positive vote from @cleanplanet with the reward on Steem.

The rule is: 1 minimum CT burned for a vote in favor of 0.33% VP 300 CT maximum burned for a vote in favor of 100% VP

Example: ~ a content labeled #cleanplanet + 300 CT transferred to @null (burned) = 100% (VP) for a positive Steem vote of the @cleanplanet account at $ 0.490.


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I don't think I heard about it. A video won't work with me.

Do you know separated garbage is as fake as... They simply dump it in one carriage, on one big heap. I saw them empty the different containers several times.

Those ships dumping their... In the sea is a huge problem too.

Fewer people would be a good start plus buying way less, use your "garbage" for something else. No waste... But seems people just waste and this is what governments and factories wanted. No quality, broke in a short time, no way to repair it since you cannot order the broken part(s).

Same with fridges, cars, phones, it all has to be new, it saves energy etc they say but in reality new does cost a lot of energy and was, is bad for the environment.

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