Picking up everyone's trash with @cleanplanet

Would you litter if you knew someone was earning Steem to pick it up? No. I thought you wouldn't. So don't litter anywhere. There is no excuse to do so.

Big big shout out to the @cleanplanet crew for this initiative and I recommend that everyone does their part for the environment.

Next time you walk on the street and you see some trash. Pick it up and bin it.


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Haha those spotless parks with no trash at all is something we are not used to seeing in Latin America, huh? :) How long are you going to stay in Britain?

It is great to see a spotless park. I am here in the UK until the mid or so f January and then I might have different options to travel to. I will keep everyone posted once I get confirmation.

Good job man.\nAnd your vloging style is awesome.\nKeep cleaning the planet.

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Thank you for your kind words. It took me a while and to be honest I am still getting used to filming myself. I hope you do a @cleanplanet vlog and encourage others to do the same.

I did one a couple of months ago but I should do some quite more often.\nI think anout it when I am outside but when I start skating I totally forget it.\n\nPeace bro and keep vlogging.\nI really enjoy your videos.

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I think you would do quite well with your skate videos.

Thanks for the love bro,I can see you have me on the autovote am I right?\n\nI'll give it a try with cleanplanet in the next weeks.\nPeace bro

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No worries and yes I have it set up on auto. I also have sunsets doing the same for you :)

your style really deferent....

thank you.

Little actions like this will go a long way to clean the planet. I wish everybody will be conscious to engage in picking up trash then the environment will be a better place.

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