#BadPublicity 😈vs😇 #GoodPublicity (251) 10/09/2018

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Keep Calm and Clean the Planet:

Day 251 of my personal #challenge ...🦄... Dia 251 de mi #desafio personal.


This is a personal challenge, every day I'm collecting at least one bag of trash.
My dream is : one day thousands of people will follow and with a simple act, we could clean the planet.
As soon as I will reach 1000 dollars, first I will give away money to an environmental association to protect the Mangrove swamp in Cancun, then I will organize little events in schools, giving away Steem t-shirt end gadget to go and clean the streets with the kids.

Este es un desafío personal, todos los días estoy recogiendo al menos una bolsa de basura.
Mi sueño es: algún día miles de personas lo seguirán y con un simple acto podríamos limpiar el planeta.
Tan pronto como llegue a los 1000 dólares, primero daré dinero a una asociación ambiental para proteger el manglar en Cancún, despues organizaré pequeños eventos en las escuelas, regalaré unas playeras de steem y unos aparatos para ir a limpiar las calles con los niños.


#Bad461 (1).jpg

#Bad461 (2).jpg

Mission accomplished! ¡Misión cumplida!😊



Thanks to you, having me upvoted yesterday:😉
Gracias a los que me han votado ayer:🤩


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Naturally we are obligated to keep our houses, rooms, homes clean but this obligation does not end there, it includes our external environment and surrounding because we are occupants of this beautiful earth.


Totally agree with you thought... also we must be the example to future generation.

Hi! I am a robot. I just upvoted you! Readers might be interested in similar content by the same author:

I love your experience!!


Thanks, I hope one day we will not need to do so...more consciousness, more responsibility, more education will create a respectful environment for our mother earth.