cleanliness programme.

All the studnets are hereby notified that our school is going to organise a cleanliness programme on 11 December, 2019. It will start at 11 am We'll pick up litters from the classrooms and the ground, sweep the floors with brooms and then wash the rooms and the toilets with phenyl-mixed water. We'll also sweep the whole ground and spread bleaching powder at suitable places. We all know that unhygenic condition causes many diseases. So, you all are requested to participate in the programme without fail. You are asked to bring with you brooms, buckets, bamboo baskets etc. Cooperation from all is highly solicited.

There are some benefits to cleaning____

If we keep our hope clean, it will not affect our body. And the nezad's environment looks so nice when kept clean. If our side is unrefined, it can become very toxic as a result of the odor spread. And it does a lot of damage to our bodies.

Some of the features of cleanliness are____

  • Cleanliness does not cause any kind of disease in our body.
  • Cleanliness gives us a life of cleanliness.
  • Cleanliness gives us a life of cleanliness.

We have a duty to the environment____

We should all keep the environment clean. Because we live there, we have a duty to clean our homes. We have to do this duty only if we can keep our hope clean and healthy.

My only message to everyone is to keep the environment clean and healthy.


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