Clay Art Contest # 6: Something that Scares You - Creepy mask/doll

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Hello there! Here's my entry for the weekly contest hosted by @josejirafa. If you are interested to join this contest, please check the link here. This week's theme is " Something that Scares You"! Well, I'm not scared of any insects or some reptiles, but this one really makes me scared, the "creepy face of a doll or a mask, whick looks like real! I'm thinking if those dolls stay in my room the whole night, oh no! I can't sleep or maybe I will have a nightmare! lol! Ok, let's proceed for the process! In making this clay, materials are shown below.



polymer clay (light pink, black and red)
paint brush
soft pastel ( black and red)
cutting tool

The process:

Cut a piece of pink clay and form into a round shape, then flatten a little bit in the surface. Then form a face. Use a round tool for the eyes and cut a piece of clay for the nose. Arrange it well and make a hole of a nose and the mouth. Cut a small piece of black and red for the eyes, and flatten it. Stick it in the eyes and use cutting tool to look like it's a red bloody eyes. Take the soft pastel and brush, use black color and red for the messy and bloody look. Actually I didn't bake this clay, heheheheh I just let it at ease. I chose a flat headed face. That's it! The spooky face is done!


Well, hope you like it... Thanks for dropping by! Catch you next time!!! Have a great day!!!

I'm nominating to join this contest @mermaidvampire, @ohkaaay, @ediah and @olivia08. It might too late for this week, but you can still join in the next weekly contest. Thank you!


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