Clay Art Contest #6: Something that Scares You

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There are a lot of things that scare us like bugs, spiders, and other creepy crawlies but we can always call Daddy Topher to "exterminate" them. However, the things that make our nightmares are something else.

So for this week's Clay Art Contest, we're making clay models of the frequent characters in our nightmares.





I'm scared of clowns. My nightmares are often haunted by clowns. Growing up, I've watched Killer Clowns From Outer Space and Stephen King's IT... I guess I've never really forgotten how scary those clowns were.





I keep dreaming of this scary lady holding a bloody ax and a knife. She also has blood on her white clothes and her body separates from her head but can still move! She's really scary, I think she's out to kill me. I don't like to see her in my dreams but she keeps showing up! In my nightmare, she looks so horrible but this clay model I made isn't as scary as how she looked like!

Thank you @josejirafa for hosting this awesome contest! We challenge @junebride to try and make some clay art next time :)

-Donna and H
(Mama and Baby Reyes)

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Nice one, Team Reyes! I miss clay molding. When I feel all better and I have new clays, I'd do it.

gosh that clown scares me! i dislike horror movies kasi i remember them even at sleep.haaha

I am reading this at 12 am, lights out and it totally spooked me out. I even had to turn on the lights to reply lol. I sorta regret my theme now haha just kidding. Great writeup, I could almost imaginr how your nightmare feels like. And the clay art really did the job in making your nightmares come to life. Highly commended @teamreyes. I do hope H sleeps well at night

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