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Clayartcontest Entry

congratulations and health for all of us.
I am the first time to enter this contest.
I know the @josejirafa account of a friend who sent her a link to me ...

I am most afraid of slick and scaly animals and scary faces.

Initial plan, I made a green snake that circled on the branch of a tree. I shudder and become amused.

My second experiment made lizards,
thank goodness I was not so scared .. maybe because lizards have legs just like us.Lol.

and this is the result of the lizard on a branch.




selamat dan kesehatan untuk kita semua.
saya baru pertama kali mengikuti kontes ini.
saya mengetahui akun @josejirafa dari seorang teman yang mengirimkan link nya kepada saya ...

saya paling takut dengan hewan hewan licin dan bersisik dan wajah yang menyeramkan

rencana awal,saya membuat seekor ular hijau yang melingkar di ranting pohon.
saya merinding dan menjadi geli .

percobaan ke dua saya membuat kadal ,syukur saya tidak begitu merasa takut..mungkin karena kadal memiliki kaki sama seperti kita.Lol

dan inilah hasil si kadal di atas dahan.




1.the manufacture of the lizard

Pembuatan si kadal




2.making branches.

Pembuatan dahan


3.making the box for studio

Pembuatan kotak untuk studio.




hopefully amused and you are not afraid.
thank you @josejirafa for trying to help us do this hobby, with making this contest.

Semoga terhibur dan anda tidak merasa takut.
terima kasih @josejirafa sudah berusaha membantu kami melakukan hobi ini ,dengan membuat kontes ini.


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You must be the first indonesian to join my contest. I can see that you make a lot of clay art and your entry to my contest is your 49th creation, am I right? Welcome aboard to my contest. I really like supporting clay artists. I hope I can get enough support from whales to fund my contest.

Anyways, I really love your creation. It literally made me wince. Yikes. I sont happen to be afraid of lizards but the slimy look disgusted me lol. Great art! Thanks so much for entering. Stay tuned for the results next week

yes it is true @josejirafa
this is my post to 49.
I am very happy for this contest ..
I can know the clay art performers from other countries.

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