Everyone's Favorite Snacks Made Of Clay( Miniature Snacks)

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Happy Sunday Everyone. Here I am again sharing my miniature snacks using my modelling clay that I bought for only 40 pesos. I dont have any tools to use in forming the shapes so I do it by hand, unlike the other beautiful steemian artists. But that day I saw the beautiful art made of clay in my home page I find it very interesting and fun.

Theme; Favorite Snacks, Week #5 #clayartcontest by @josejirafa
Material used: Modelling Clay

I formed strawberry cake, footlong hotdog, chocolate bar, hamburger, lollipop, banana, grapes,mango and apple😊

Here is the strawberry cake, cake is expensive to make or buy but eveybody loves sweet and cake is the best example snack for sweet lovers
No other healthy snacks than fresh fruits😊
To be honest I am a vegetarian but hanburger and footlong are everyones favorite snacks and its quick to formed even no tools to use.



I nominate @aadelalo to join the fun.

God Bless and Happy Sunday!

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..ya @grace44,nindot pgka sliced ang cake
...looks yummy

You're a vegetarian? That sounds really great. I'm trying to be a vegan but with little success since there isnt much aaccessibility but my plans are still there. I will continue to look forward to eating healthier.

I am really fascinated with the fruits that you made as well as the cake! I cracked when I saw how you made a slice. Everything looks so appetizing by the way. Great work as usual @grace44 and thanks for entering my contest!

thank u :)