My favorite SNacks ''Clay Art Contest#5''

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Hi Steemians !this is my entries #clayartcontest#5 hosted by @josejirafa image.jpeg .My favorite snacks are image.jpeg. Cake I love to bake cakes .image.jpeg. Way back 2007 I work at dunkin donuts from then I love to eat donuts a home made donuts is very affordable .my footlong image.jpeg ice cream image.jpegis really good for summer sometime I also make my own version of ice cream and hot cake for only 2 Pisos image.jpeg. Honestly this is my first time joined clay art contest it's really fun and I enjoyed it much . I'm not good of arts but hope you like it guys and also love my favorite snack as will.image.png.hihihi once again thank you @josejirafa for this opportunity .i nominate @gerrybaguio to do clay art contest .thank you and take care everyOne!Godbless us all !

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That's very amusing to watch @chellelbaguio. I am glad that you enjoyed making them. I especially love what you did with the texture of the cones, donuts and the pancake. It's just lovely.

Thanks for entering my contest! My upvote value is running really low. Do take my tiny little upvote. Hopefully I can grow here to really reward the steemians who make excellent clay art. Best of luck to you and your entry!

Thank you so much sir @josejirafa I'm so happy that you notice me . Im not expected it . No it's not a little upvote but it's A Big value for me.thank you for being generous and Godbless!

I really like this post chellelbaguio!

Hi @five34a4b thank you so much .Godbless!