Clay Art Contest #5: Snack Time

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Hello everyone these is it,  I'm now on board on these interesting art concept of @josejirafa,the Clay Art Contest.It's my aunt @grace44 whose hook and into the clay art contest,she's been so eager in convincing us to try making our piece and joined the contest.Now I get it why such an  enthusiasm!

These weeks theme is our favorite snack foods. I'm a food lover and my snack cravings are a slice of pizza,french fries,a soda and a piece of banana.It's been a decade sinced the last time I layed my hands on a clay,hopefully you'll appreciate my work.

Materials Used:

  1. Modeling Clay-blue,red,yellow,brown,green,pink
  2. Tweezer  T
  3. Lipstick Tube-serves as an improvised rolling pin 😊

My favorites:

A Sliced of Pizza-my comfort food,everbody loves a sliced of pizza.

I used brown clay for the base,then the red clay and yellow clay on top as melted cheese another red clay for the toppings.

French Fries-deadly yet delicious.For the fries I cut the yellow clay into strips and molded a red clay for the box.

Soda-i used blue clay for the can mixed with red for more appeal,for the straw I cut the cottonbuds handle and then bend it then I put green clay on the tip to cover the edge.

Banana- a healthy twist,for the banana I used yellow clay,form it closely as a banana then I put brown clay for the tip.

So there it is fellow Stemians my top  snack foods.

The experience was fun and relaxing,Im not an artist but I feel satisfied for the result of my imaginary skill so count me in next week themed.

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I love pizza as well! In fact, I could eat a whole box myself if given the chance. @grace44 is really good with her entries and I can sense that it runs in the family. You crafted them pretty well @carine1988. The bananas were an excellent touch. Banana + Pizza + Fries could be a great combo in fast food chains. What do you think? haha a whole box @josejirafa!?
9" 11" 12" or the biggest one made by Calda?🍕

a great post, thank you for sharing with us beginners in steemit, hopefully we can follow as your footsteps.

It's nice to put our imagination into action. We might end up being amazed at ourselves and our abilities. Keep it up!

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