Clay Art Contest: Food Lover

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Hello everyone! This is my entry for Clay Art Contest Week#5. It's my pleasure to join this contest and i'm so happy that this week's theme is all about food because actually I am a food lover. I honestly don't know how to mold things using clay but I just tried my best to do it with all my heart. At first I was hesitant to join this kind of contest but thanks to my cousin she did convince me that's why I have done all this stuffs. Thank you very much @josejirafa for hosting this contest featuring favorite snacks.

Burger, pizza and cupcake I know all these are unhealthy but still we can't get rid to not to eat these foods.

Burger: The tenderness and the juiciness of the patty.

Pizza: The cheesiness that melts in your mouth.

Cupcake: Perfect sweetness and the crunchy sound of toppings.

Thank you so much and God bless.😀

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Thanks for entering my contest! For someone who iant fond of making clay art, you made one very well. Yes they are a bit unhealthy, I would know as a nurse. But it doesnt really hurt if we take them in moderation. We eventually have to reward ourselves 😊

My SP is severely depleted so I cannot give as much as I could. Do take my small little upvote. I wish you luck in your entry @anabelgb!

Thank you so much sir @josejirafa for appreciating my entry.