What scares me, does it scare you? 😐😅

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Hi there, Steemians!! This is @aadelalo joining again the Clay art contest of @josejirafa with the theme "Something that scares you".

Frogs, snakes, lizards, caterpillars and rats are the things that scare the hell out of me. I don't know why but one thing is for sure I don't want to come near with them.




One time, when we were climbing the Sirao Peak while I was busy holding some branches of tress, I saw something it was moving. The color of it, was green. They said the green snakes are the dangerous. I told my cousins and aunt also what I saw but I never told my mother because I want some adventures in the future. So I just kept it.



▫Rats, we usually see them inside our house😁😂 I found one here but the color was really amazing 😂



▫Lizards (Sa mga katiguwangan, basta mutingog ang tiki, naa daw tay bisita padung)



When I was a kid, my brother teased me with a leaf on his hand and on the leaf there was a caterpillar on it. I turned white. Like wt!! Was about to pass out that time. I dont know but it just scares me. 😞🙊



How 'bout you? What scares you? 😊😅

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