Which one is your favorite Ave Maria?

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In the church music, there were many Ave Maria songs.
It seems that three songs are quite familiar with me because there were composed at least 150 years ago.
Several years ago, I happened to listen to this Ave Maria #4 composed by Michal Lorenc in 1995.
Michal Lorenc is a Polish film music composer.

I don't know if it was a Olivia Hussey effect or not. :)
At the moment I listened to the first score, I was immersed in this song.
Please listen to the songs below and it would be great if you let me know which one is your favorite and why.

"Ave Maria" by

  1. JS Bach & Gounod (From Youtube)

  • Franz Schubert (From Youtube)

  • Giulio Caccini (From Youtube)

  • Michal Lolenc (From Youtube)

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    Hi @dannychae,

    I was previously unaware of the last two versions that you posted, and I enjoyed listening to all of them.

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