Michael Nyman - The Piano - One of the BEST SOUNDTRACKS by master NYMAN (music and more inside)

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Although I general post on electronic music, today I like to share with you a beautiful modern classical album performed by an orchestra "The Piano", the soundtrack Michael Nyman composed for the Australian movie starring Holly Hunter, Sam Neill and Harvey Keitel. Ada (Holy Hunter) moves with her daughter and piano to New Zealand to live with her new husband (Sam Neill) who takes her piano away and sells it to their neighbour George (Harvey Keitel). George proposes a deal to Ada to 'win' her piano back.

The piano and violins are two of my most favourite classical instrument and Michael Nyman uses both as the main instruments in this composition. The result is absolutely fabulous! The Piano is one of the better soundtracks created by Michael Nyman.

  • Artist: Michael Nyman
  • Album: The Piano (soundtrack)
  • Style: Modern Classical
  • Year: 1993

I for sure can recommended to listen to this album; Even if you do not like the movie genre 'romantic drama'.

Sit down, relax, hit the play button, and enjoy!

Michael Nyman - The Piano (1993)


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Artist Website: click here

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Hi @qsounds, thank you for this article about Michael Nyman's 1993 soundtrack from "The Piano." In addition to an album to listen to, you also gave me a movie to watch! I'm pretty sure I haven't seen this one yet.

We have shared your article on the Steemit's Best Classical Music Facebook page, and included it in our latest post, Steemit's Best Classical Music Roundup [Issue #8].

Super! :) Thanks so much for including me in your list!

Awesome track...
Please visite my profile ....@saan and don't forget to follow and upvote me.

Thanks for your feedback.