New CD Album released: Metz-o-Mix, Vol. 6

All of those who are familiar with the series can be looking forward to a colorful potpourri:

The album starts off with a number of short pieces for portative organ, a small and portable organ which is equipped with only a few pipes. Thus, the pieces are kept short and simple, but are still finished with a "regal" piece played on the "big brother".

The second block consists of four pieces, which had been improvised and submitted for a charity concert that was organised by a few U.S. organists back in 2020 to benefit the NAACP, the U.S. "National Association for the Advancement of Colored People". "Go Down Moses", which belongs to the genre of "Afro-American Spirituals", was eventually chosen by the organisational committee for the virtual concert with multiple international contributors.

Three nature-related improvisations mark the final block, of which the first one ("Tornado & Aftermath") was created upon a personal request from an organist friend of mine in search for an "organ storm for Pentecost". Encouraged by his positive response, two similar pieces then followed later, which should be considered to be modern sound paintings.

The individual blocks are separated by single pieces, which are both affected by Western culture and try to abduct the listener into the realms of Arabian Nights — this way, every style from medieval to modern and from Orient to Occident is again being part of the show.


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