Wilhelm Karges, Fantasia in G

Manuscript Am.B. 340, owned by the Staatsbibliothek Berlin, contains some 45 organ pieces, presumably copied, adapted and/or composed by Wilhelm Karges. The model or original of this Fantasia in G is not known to me. Karges made a composition out of it, that consists of two halves with some scales across the keyboard to join the two halves.

Each half is build on a motif that appears several times in all the voices of the piece. In the second half the motif appears most of the times in stretto in well written counterpoint. The style is not unlike that of Froberger. It does however not appear in the edition of Froberger organ works I posses. That volume however is rather old and might not be complete. If someoneknows on what original this composition might be based, I'd very much like to hear it.

The recording was done with the Hauptwerk software and the sampleset the Transept organ in the Laurenskerk, Rotterdam, made by Sonus Paradisi.

Score available here: http://partitura.org/index.php/wilhelm-karges-fantasia-in-g

Score: http://partitura.org/index.php/david-abel-praeludium-2

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hi dear @partitura, it's always a pleasure to listen to you !! congratulations on your work and vote curie

Thanks you!

I can not distinguish between Froberger and Karges (I'm not a musician but I studied many years ago, in an orchestra.
Excellent your job of sharing the score, surely some people can practice this piece of music. It was very nice to hear from you today. You have made my afternoon. Regards @partitura

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Thanks tot the nice words. I hope the score will contribute to this piece being playd more often.

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