Aria "Mein Tröster " for Tenor - Bach - Boysen, Markuspassion (Live and Unedited)

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This aria for Tenor and orchestra from the Boysen completion of the Markus Passion by Bach is a moment of loneliness and abandonment. It features a beautiful interplay between the flute and oboe d'amore, meanwhile you can hear the two gambas in the background with their plaintive sounds enhancing the atmosphere of aloneness, whilst heralding a sense of unease.

The performers are Musica Poetica (@musicapoetica) and Cantus Thuringia under the direction of Jorn Boysen. The concert was recorded live and unedited in Den Haag in 2016, on period instruments at 415Hz.

Music from BWV 198

Mein Tröster ist nicht mehr bei mir,
mein Jesu, soll ich dich verlieren,
und zum Verderben sehen führen?
Das kömmt der Seele schmerzlich für.
Der Unschuld, welche nichts verbrochen,
Dem Lamm, das ohne Missetat
Wird in dem ungerechten Rat
Ein Todesurteil zugesprochen.

English Translation

My consoler is no longer with me,
My Jesus, shall I abandon you,
and see you led away to destruction?
This is painful for my soul.
Upon innocence, which committed no crime,
On the Lamb, without sin,
in an unjust council
an death sentence will be pronounced.

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So achingly and hauntingly beautiful; made me tear up actually. Thank you.

Thanks, that is a great compliment for us! To be able to evoke emotions and memories is the purpose of our field!

happy to oblige @musicapoetica ! Music is like literature to me ❤️

I love your post thank you .

Thanks for dropping by!

This is gorgeous! Really love the way the melody lines entwine in the instrumentation, and the vocals are beautifully sung :)

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Thank you for your support!

I love the oil painting that you chose to accompany the music. That is what really drew me in. They are both fantastic works!

Thank you, I try to choose appropriate artwork from the appropriate era of time (in this case the Baroque). All part of trying to do the difficult job of conveying an abstract emotion with sound!

I have started listening to classical music just this year. It is like breathing again for the first time. A vacation from the rock, alternative, jazz and bossnova I have been listening to these past years of my life. It's growing on me and listening to Erik Satie these past days calming yet depressing but I love it.

There is a type or genre of music for all occasions! Different types of music have different strengths and different ways of conveying complex emotions. It is always good to listen to a variety of music, just like with everything else in life!

I love classic music. That's a wonderful one. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for coming by!

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Beautiful performance of a beautiful piece. Thanks!

Thanks for dropping by and listening!

Wonderful. Thank you for the interlude--and the translation.

Ha, Yes, translation is pretty useful if German isn't your language!

That was beautiful, my friend. I really enjoyed listening in. I really like the music and the opera voice. It made me feel like going on the adventure somewhere.

I am sure running an ensemble is not easy by any means and that it takes a lot of time and dedication. I wish luck to you and your ensemble all the best in the future. :)

Have an amazing day. :)

Thank you, and thanks for visiting! Good luck with the renovations, seems like some seriously big work there!

It's beautiful, not the sort of music I would normally listen to. But I can hear it's good !

Thank you very much for listening! Glad you enjoyed it!

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